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DC's Stargirl: Geoff Johns Discusses "Never The End" & What It Means

With Wednesday night's "The Reckoning," The CW's Brec Bassinger-starring DC's Stargirl came to an end with a satisfying endgame that brought both a sense of closure and a sense of hope for the future. The person that viewers have to thank for that is character & series creator Geoff Johns, who had both a series and season finale prepared. Earlier today, we looked at what Johns had to say about what differences there may have been between the two different finales as well that potential fourth season. This time around, we're looking at what the series finale time jump as well as what "Never The End" means to Johns.

DC'S STARGIRL (Image: The CW (DC's Stargirl); The CW Screencap)

Under the banner of "10 Years From Now," Richard Swift/The Shade (Jonathan Cake) is leading a tour of a JSA museum (you'll definitely want to watch it again for things that you missed) where we learn that Courtney (Bassinger) is now Starwoman, Damage & Sand are current JSA members, Sylvester's (Joel McHale) brain was restored, there was an adventure involving the Seven Soldiers of Victory and Nebula Man, and (very cool) Beth (Anjelika Washington) & Rick (Cameron Gellman) are getting ready to marry (among other things). But since trouble is never far behind, Jay Garrick/The Flash (John Wesley Shipp) appears in need of the team's help. And then the series closes with the end card "Never The End."

"It means a lot," Johns responded when asked during his TVLine interview what those final words meant to him. "In the world of the story, it means that the JSA goes on forever. And these wonderful characters have great lives, and their adventures continue. We were just able to present you with a handful of the early years. But they went on to become the world's greatest superheroes. And then, in the world of the viewers, it's never the end because there are always the memories we have. There are always these episodes you can watch again. There are always these characters you fell in love with; they will always exist. And then it refers to the relationships we made creating the show, with the cast and the crew and the writers and the post-[production] team. I made my best friends making this show. It's been the most amazing part of my career. And we all still talk and hang out and see each other, and that's incredibly rare. Also, we wanted to be uplifting. And "Never the End" is so much more uplifting than just "The End."

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