Diana Gabaldon Shares 'Outlander' Book 9 "Go And Tell The Bees I Am Gone" Details

Author behind the worldwide best-selling book series "Outlander", Diana Gabaldon is often the best source of information for her creation. She's been hard at work on the 9th tome in the series about time travel, history, and love, and just shared an update of sorts on "Go And Tell The Bees That I Am Gone".

Diana Gabaldon outlander author
Diana Gabaldon at the 44th Annual Saturn Awards
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From Gabs' own words on Facebook via her "Daily Lines", a peek at the upcoming novel in the vein of chapter titles for the first section of the book:

"Writing a book (for me) has multiple phases. As many of you know (from having heard me talk, or reading THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION books), I write (for a long time) in small, disconnected pieces and scenes. Eventually these start sticking together to form Chunks, and in the latter stages, the Chunks begin to line up along a sort of mental timeline (composed of historical events I want to use and personal events that transpire with one or another of the characters), and–in the fullness of time, I begin to pull together related Chunks and scenes, to write bridges (where needed to connect the pieces, establish a time or place, or provide a quick summary of what's been happening that I don't mean to show directly), and…generally, come up with something vaguely resembling a novel.

I begin to see the shape of chapters, and to be able to put them–gradually–into a reasonable sequence and shape (though chapters do move around for awhile before settling into their final place in the story).

That's where I am now, in terms of writing/assembling the book. I'm still writing it (naturally…), but a good deal of the daily work now includes the pulling together of pieces and the formation of chapters, sections, etc.

So, for your entertainment, here's the Title list of chapters from Section One of GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE. (NB: Chapter titles do sometimes change–if I think of something better, which I do all the time–so this is by no means a guaranteed final list–but this Section is completely assembled. (So is a lot more of the book, but I'm not showing you everything at once…)

Have fun!

SECTION I: A Swarm of Bees in the Carcass of a Lion

CHAPTER 1: The MacKenzies are Here!

CHAPTER 2: A Blue Wine Day

CHAPTER 3: Meditations on a Hyoid

CHAPTER 4: Home is the Hunter, Home from the Hill

CHAPTER 5: Dead or Alive

CHAPTER 6: Visitations

CHAPTER 7: Animal Nursery Tales"

While there isn't an official release date, Gabaldon had previously said sometime in 2019 was likely. Outlander has been renewed at STARZ for seasons 5 and 6. Fans can catch up on seasons 1-4 via STARZ's app.

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