Drag Race Holland S01E05 Snatch Game A Mixed Bag of Misses: Review

Only six queens remain in the Drag Race Holland competition after last week's three-way shake-up, but at least the good madame's parting words were inspiring: "Drag has no gender, no sexuality, and no limits" – agreed, Madame Madness. Sorry to see her go, but we've still got more competition to focus on. This week, it's time for a fan favorite challenge: The Snatch Game!

But, before all the fabulously impersonated "celebrities" showed up, the queens had to strip down for a photo shoot…in the nude. Envy Peru was really emotional about this mini-challenge, and she shared that it was abuse from an ex-boyfriend that really messed with her perception and body image and has her so terrified and lacking confidence. In the end, all of the photos looked straight out of Top Model and Janey Jacke won the mini-challenge.

Drag Race Holland S01E05 Snatch Game A Mixed Bag of Misses: Review (Image: WOW Presents)
Drag Race Holland S01E05 Snatch Game A Mixed Bag of Misses: Review (Image: WOW Presents)

Now, on the international versions of Drag Race, Snatch Game is always a mixed bag; a celebrity who's well known in that country is hilarious and great for that queen and the host…and a complete unknown for everyone else. However, right out of the gate, ChelseaBoy goes all-in on current international pop culture and chooses Joe Exotic. The rest require a bit of research and explanation, so if you happen to already be up on your Dutch celebs, you can skip ahead.

Ma'Ma Queen chose Ryanne van Dorst, a lesbian rocker and current lead singer of the band Dool. Janey Jacke is doing a "nice lady from my village" Anny Schilder, who's another singer, but a pop singer in the 70s and 80s with band BZN. Sederginne chose Mega Mindy, who is an outrageous superhero character from a Flemish children's television show. Side note: the theme song is adorable and will totally get stuck in your head. You're welcome.

Miss Abby OMG is impersonating Michella Kox, a star of Dutch reality tv shows such as Real Girls in the Jungle and Dames in de Dop, the latter of which she won. Perhaps she is more famous for the fights she gets into, which is a trait Miss Abby OMG would be wise to play up. Envy Peru selected "Holland treasure", Patty Brard. A former member of the musical girl group Luv', she's done everything from being a tabloid staple to hosting and acting in television shows – even a cover girl for Dutch Playboy!

So! Now that I'm – er, I mean, we – are caught up on all the Dutch celebrity goes, it's time to see what our queens make of their snatch game. Here's who hit this evening: Envy Peru – her facial expressions and constant sexual innuendos were spot-on Patty Brard; ChelseaBoy as Joe Exotic completely blew everyone else out of the water, and no, I'm not just saying that because he's the most widely recognizable (and only foreign) celeb on the panel. Joe works great for the snatch game and other parody performances because he's a huge personality, has several "memorable quotes", and has a distinctive look. Special shout out to everyone who has "that bitch Carole Baskin" on their 2020 bingo cards.

I felt Janey and Sederginne were very in the middle this week. Sederginne went for it with her "Mega Mega Mindy" impression, but none of the jokes seemed to land. It probably didn't help that all of her answers were about Toby – you know, Mega Mindy's love interest from the television show. Yeah, the judges didn't really get it either. Janey's Anny Schilder was pretty tame – like a very Dutch Julie Andrews. I would have expected more, but it was alright enough.

There were a lot of misses on the panel tonight – probably the biggest one was Ma'Ma Queen. Now, both her and Miss Abby OMG were lip-syncing for their lives last week, and both missed pretty bad with this week's challenge. The judges also put Sederginne in the "mega miss" camp, though I don't entirely agree. But, guess this is why I'm not a judge on Drag Race Holland. (Well, that and the fact that I can neither speak Dutch nor do I have credentials beyond being a fan of drag.)

Drag Race Holland S01E05 Snatch Game A Mixed Bag of Misses: Review (Image: WOW Presents)
Drag Race Holland S01E05 Snatch Game A Mixed Bag of Misses: Review (Image: WOW Presents)

The runway theme this week is "split personalities" and the queens are asked to create a look that shows both sides of their personalities: the feminine and the masculine. Half the queens are going literal in their interpretation; Sederginne is doing her own thing with a look that's half Kermit the Frog and half Miss Piggy; but for the non-binary ChelseaBoy and Ma'Ma Queen, they're putting their own twists on the challenge.

Ma'Ma walked the runway as half Ma'Ma Queen, and half her inner saboteur, so there was this "angel and demon" kind of vibe to it. ChelseaBoy showed a lot of body-ody-ody (and booty-ooty-ooty) with a very alien-type take on the duality challenge. Sadly, the judges disliked the runways that they didn't "get" (i.e. those that didn't conform to binary gender standards) and I'm not a fan of the challenge itself if those are the parameters. I think it made two non-binary performers uncomfortable and they did the best while staying true to themselves, only to be told the judged didn't want how they really saw themselves and the duality of their true self. But I digress.

Envy Peru is the winner of this week's challenge, and it's a little divisive. They rewarded an unoriginal queen who did the expected instead of taking the opportunity to dig deeper and see the story in another look. Congrats, Envy…but ChelseaBoy deserved this win. At least their Joe Exotic got some great recognition.

Lip Syncing for their lives tonight are Sederginne and Miss Abby OMG (again). For those of you keeping track at home, that's the third week in a row she's in the bottom. Sadly, the third time was not the charm – or maybe it was? It was Sederginne's week to leave us, and I'm bummed at this one. I mean, Miss Abby – girl, step it up. Sederginne has done really well, she's campy, and when you compare report cards…Miss Abby's time should be up. But I digress – I doubt she's much longer for this competition. At any rate, congrats to ChelseaBoy, the real winner of this week's challenge (at least in my heart – but I guess Envy Peru can get a shout out too). Be sure to keep it here next week for more Drag Race Holland coverage.

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