Drag Race Holland S01E07 Pre-Finale Fun a Bit Anti-Climactic: Review

With the finale only a week away already, Drag Race Holland is down to one last elimination before the series finale. With last week's bombshell of an elimination, this is not exactly the top four I had in mind. Then again, since there's only four queens left and the finale next week, I guess it's a top three?

The mini-challenge saw the queens having a little fun with puppets, which Envy Peru won for her pretty spot-on Ma'Ma Queen puppet. This week's maxi challenge had the queens performing in Maxima: the Rusical. Now, in case you're not familiar with Maxima (actual Queen of the Netherlands), sit back and enjoy a fabulous "ru-sical" story about her life, following her from Argentinian party girl to current beloved Dutch royalty.

Drag Race Holland Episode Review s1e3 (Image: WOWPresents)
Drag Race Holland Episode Review s1e3 (Image: WOWPresents)

In addition to this, they have to present three looks on the runway all in the national colors of Holland: red, white, and blue. The first was a beachwear look, the second a cocktail dress, and the third was an evening gown – similar to an actual pageant.

The episode was a little anti-climactic; I suppose the intention is to have a "Top 3" even though original flavor Drag Race always has a finale with four. At any rate, both bottom queens moved on, which makes the finale: Miss Abby OMG, Janey Jacke, Ma'Ma Queen, and Envy Peru. It was a very drama and tension-filled episode, but in the end, nobody went home. We have a top 4 going into the finals of Drag Race Holland…which honestly I sort of expected? If I was better at math, I suppose I wouldn't have been surprised by this at all, but that's why I'm a journalist and not a rocket scientist.

Regardless, Envy Peru was the first safe in the finale and the winner of this week's challenge – her whole collection of runway looks this week was nothing short of jaw-dropping. Next safe was Janey Jacke, leaving Ma'Ma Queen and Miss Abby OMG to lip-sync battle it out…which they both won. Congrats to the top four queens and be sure to catch them in the finale of Drag Race Holland on WOW Presents Plus.

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