Evil Season 4: Robert King Announces Paramount+ Series Filming Start

Evil co-creator Robert King (with Michelle King) announced filming started on season four of the Paramount+ supernatural series on Twitter while quote tweeting an animated macabre holiday video from 2021. "Here we go again. We start shooting the new season this Thursday. #evil" What's not to love about the holiday video that shows St. Nick on a drug-induced high filled with dancing green gummy bears, rainbows, decapitated unicorns, peering eyes, a third middle eye, melting and warping effects galore?

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Evil Season Three Finale Recap

When we last left our heroes in the season three finale, we find Kristen (Katja Herbers) relieved how her once frozen embryo was not where she thought it was gestating in another woman's uterus when she met her unfortunate tragic end. Or at least so she thought as she discovered another woman who works with her mother Sheryl (Christine Lahti) at Leland's (Michael Emerson) company is the one actually pregnant with her egg. The father is none other than her mortal enemy, Leland himself. Guess Kristen might have to dig out her ice axe again soon.

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At the very least, Kristen has her husband Andy (Patrick Brammall) back after Leland and Sheryl released him from their drug-induced prison keeping him sedated. The cover story was they gaslit Kristen in believing he was on a mountain expedition but using deepfake technology to pose as him. When Kristen and Andy's daughters cracked enough of the ruse, Leland and Sheryl released him but wiped his memory of his captivity. The experience left Andy discombobulated, to say the least, but it also left him attuned to their home's demonic occupants.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+

While Sister Andrea (Andrea Martin) remains a supporting player, she's done a lot more in battling the supernatural lately than Ben (Aasif Mandvi) and David (Mike Colter), who is more the featured core of the cast. Evil season four returns in the summer of 2023.

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