Flash Season 4, Episode 9 Recap: Don't Run

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I think this particular episode of The Flash is going to be a little controversial. But I'll get to that in a minute. The episode opens with Barry and Iris going through their wedding gifts, opening the one of Oliver and Felicity and Iris makes a crack about the double wedding thing from the crossover. Seems she wasn't thrilled with Felicity jumping in on their ceremony. They also receive a set of knives but the pack only has one knife in it and no name on the card. The go to return some of the gifts including a bunch of stolen toasters from Mick Rory, only to be confronted by The Thinker who ends up abducting Barry. At almost the same time, Caitlin is upset because everyone seems to like Killer Frost now including the guys at STAR Labs and there's a drink named after her at Jitters. Harry tried to make her feel better when Amunet Black comes in and takes Caitlin, putting a meta dampening bracelet on her to prevent Caitlin's colder side from coming out.

DeVoe confronts Barry, telling him he should get used to losing and there are no happy endings. Barry is trapped in a force field that he can't get out of. On the other story, Black needs Caitlin to save a meta she had captured and needs to sell. Dominic Lance has telepathy and a metal shard embedded in his brain. Team Flash is fighting among themselves because they're pulled to thin trying to find both missing friends. Iris has to make the tough decision and tells them to look for Caitlin and that Barry can take care of himself. We get the impression from DeVoe that his plan involves him being able to stand next to his wife again… maybe with a new body. Caitlin befriends Dominic and she worries about doing the surgery in the environment they're in, and that once done, Black will just sell him anyway. The try to escape and fail. Black ends up giving a bit of her own origin in a pep talk to Caitlin who finally does the surgery… which seemed surprisingly easy… and figures out how to knock out Black and her men at the same time. They start to escape, but Black recovers quickly and comes after only to have Ralph and Cisco arrive to save them.

Barry finally figures out how to escape by vibrating so fast it looks invisible, then DeVoe drops the shield to check and Barry is out… or DeVoe let that happen. He attacks DeVoe who teleports them into the city where they are flying all over the place. Finally when the Doc Ock like arms come in to shock Barry, he phases and has them fry DeVoe's chair, sending them both careening into the ocean… thankfully Barry is able to use the inflatable suit option that Cisco put it.

Everyone is home, safe and celebrating Christmas at Joe's house, that Ralph has decorated as a surprise… trying to apologize for being a jerk. Caitlin invited Dominic, who gets the Brainstorm moniker from Cisco, and Barry get a notice from the alarm in the loft. He races over and gets a call, from Dominic who turns out to be DeVoe now and DeVoe's old body is dead on the floor in the loft with the missing knife from the set from earlier. There's a banging on the door and the CCPD and Captain Singh enter to find the body and arrest Barry. For a second he thought about leaving, but seeing the life he's built he decides not to run. And we see that Black recaptured Dominic later and sold him to her client, The Mechanic. Then DeVoe transferred his mind into Dominic's body.

The Thinker story line is built upon the premise that he has thought of everything. Yet that falls apart at the last minute. For the frame up of Barry to work, Barry would have to choose to stand there and be arrested over DeVoe's body. Barry is a forensic expert and has super speed. The options weren't just runaway or stay and be arrested. How about super speed back to Joe's house and where his friends will say he hadn't left? How about using that super speed to grab to clean the crime scene and remove the body and knife? I hope they explain that. And does that mean that the big bad for the season is now Kendrick Sampson instead of Neil Sandilands? Is he up against The Thinker or Brainstorm now? Because you know that this is probably just part of his overall plan.

With that being the mid-season finale, we now have six weeks to wait and thing about the ending and what it will mean. The trailer below shows a court case, and we see the Mark Valley will be playing the prosecutor and it look like Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) will be defending him. Valley is a big enough actor that you don't bring him in for a small role. This is also a return to the DC Universe for him having played Christopher Chance on the Human Target series from 2010.

The Flash will return on January 16th, 2018 at 8 PM on the CW.


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