If You Hated the Musical Number on AEW Dynamite, You're Wrong & Stupid

On AEW Dynamite last night, the single greatest segment in the history of our sport took place when Chris Jericho and MJF met for a steak dinner to discuss MJF's proposal that he join the Inner Circle. After a comedy skit with both men trying to one-up each other by ordering their steak one level rarer (MJF started at Well Done and they worked their way down to "blue"), Jericho and MJF broke out into a performance of "Me and My Shadow," a 1927 popular standard probably best remembered today for a 1960s recording by Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

*Tony Award Nominee* Chris Jericho and MJF "Me and My Shadow" | AEW Dynamite, 10/21/20
*Tony Award Nominee* Chris Jericho and MJF "Me and My Shadow" | AEW Dynamite, 10/21/20

As they sang and danced, they moved into a larger room where dancing girls (Jaguars cheerleaders?) accompanied the performance. It was totally unexpected, funny, and, surprisingly well-performed, for a couple of pro wrestlers. They were clearly enjoying themselves. And viewers were enjoying themselves too… or at least they should have been.

Immediately after it aired on Dynamite, haters took to Twitter to complain. Some accused it of being "WWE-like," as if the WWE of the past twenty years would ever have the balls to do something this creative. Others accused it of going against a "sports-like presentation," a straw man argument frequently used by AEW haters to discredit anything they do that isn't an exact copy of NJPW. The usual suspects, like Jim Cornette, hated it of course. And all of them were not only wrong but also stupid.

Sure, pro wrestling and comic books are pretty great forms of entertainment, but there is no form greater than the musical. This is an indisputable, objective fact. Anything… literally anything… is made better by a musical number, including the already great AEW Dynamite. And… I don't really need to make much of an argument beyond that. I could refute every butthurt point made on Twitter, but that would be a waste of my time and yours. Instead, I'll just attack anyone who didn't enjoy this with ad hominems about their taste and character. You suck. You failed to take joy in one of the most joyous things that have happened on a wrestling show in decades. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, and you should probably stop watching wrestling and stop sharing your opinion about anything.

Last night's episode of Dynamite was the greatest night in the history of our sport, and Chris Jericho and MJF performing "Me and My Shadow" was a big part of that, though the wrestling was pretty good too. Now let's watch this glorious performance again.

Side note to AEW: how the hell do you only name this segment the number two moment of the week? It was number one for the year!

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