Impact Wrestling Recap – Hey Look, It's Jazz

On Impact Wrestling this week, Sea Stars debut, Suicide gets one over on Rohit Raju, and Jordynne Grace finds a tag team partner.

After the torture of a three-hour Monday Night Raw, it's always nice to cleanse the pallet with Impact Wrestling. I'm Jude Terror, and this is The Shovel. Let's dispense with the pleasantries and get this show on the road.

The Shovel - Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]
The Shovel – Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]

Impact Wrestling Recap for November 24th, 2020 Part 1

Scott D'Amore visits John E. Bravo in the hospital. The doctor tells him Bravo is in stable condition, but he might not be the same John E. Bravo if he pulls through. D'Amore promises the unconscious Bravo that there will be justice tonight when Johnny Swinger goes to wrestler's court.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelze come to the ring for a Knockouts Tag Team Championship tournament match. The Sea Stars come out. They have their match. Cage Match tells me these two are the current Shimmer tag team champions, having held those belts for over a year. But here in Impact, they're rookies, and Hogan and Steelz are the favorites, and indeed they get the win in about ten minutes.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz defeat The Sea Stars via pinfall.

It was a decent match. I wouldn't mind seeing more of The Sea Stars in Impact, and it's nice to see Steelz and Hogan get a solid win. Jordynne Grace is backstage with Jazz. Gia Miller shows up and asks if Jazz is Jordynne's partner. Jazz says she is, and she's looking to end her career on top by winning the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

Josh Matthews and… Matt Striker? Oh jeez. Matthews and Striker, who has major pandemic hair, talk about the Knockouts tag tournament and then run through the card for tonight, which looks story-heavy.

Ethan Page talks to Josh Alexander backstage. He has news: Doc Gallows is out of action for 4-6 weeks. Page implies he's somehow responsible for this, and it's great news, but Alexander is not happy about it because that means they have to wait 6 weeks before they can get their tag team championships back.

With a prison jumpsuit and a neckbreak, Johnny Swinger is being escorted to wrestler's court as Impact takes a commercial break. After the break, the trial begins. Ah, Madison Rayne is his lawyer, which is why Striker is on commentary. D-Lo Brown is the prosecutor. The People's Court music is used here.

Tommy Dreamer is the judge. In a nice touch, he's humming his Alice in Chains ECW theme song as he makes his entrance. Madison Rayne immediately points out that Dreamer was the investigator, so he can't be neutral here. Dreamer agrees, so he switches places with D-Lo Brown, who he claims looks like Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince. I'm not sure if that's a racist joke or a fat joke, but either way, poor form, Dreamer.

Rayne makes the case that Swinger is too stupid to have committed this crime. "What a burial, daddy! Leave your shovel at home," he says. Tommy Dreamer calls Fallah Bahh as a witness, who says Swinger was bitter that Bahh was chosen as Bravo's best man. Next, Dreamer talks to a Deaner, who found the gun in Swinger's fanny pack at Turning point. Acey Romero is next. Romero did a fingerprint analysis of the gun and found Swinger's fingerprints on the gun. But so was pretty much everyone else's, including Brian Pillman and Ron Simmons. Swinger takes this opportunity to try to bribe D-Lo with a six-pack, and that's it for now.

Rohit Raju heads to the ring. He cuts a promo on the crowd for being couch potatoes and losers and all the usual stuff. Raju, of course, is a "mocha-skinned manimal" and the X-Division champ. Speaking of losers, he declares it's time for the Defeat Rohit challenge.

Suicide comes out. Last week, Scott D'Amore heavily hinted to TJP that he could get around the stipulation that he's never allowed to challenge Rohit again by using a fake identity. Raju is immediately suspicious he will only agree to a non-title match. They have said non-title match. During the match, Raju pulls off Suicide's mask. Then TJP comes out from the back and stands at the top of the stage. Suicide, who is revealed to be Crazzy Steve, rolls up Raju and pins him.

Suicide(?) defeats Rohit Raju via pinfall.

Sami Callihan gives a pep talk to Old Man Shamrock backstage ahead of his Impact Championship match tonight. Moose interrupts to point out that the Impact Championship is second place behind the TNA Championship. Moose says he was planning to beat Swann, but Shamrock has beat him to it. Moose respects Shamrock but wants to remind him that Moose beat Shamrock the last time they fought. Shamrock wants to fight right now, but Sami talks him out of it. Impact takes a commercial break.

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K are hanging out backstage. Alisha Edwards shows up. She wants to know what they're gonna do about their tag team. Dashwood thinks Edwards should take the hint that their team didn't work out. But Edwards wants to try again, and she manages to talk them into it… or so it seems.

Kimber Lee comes to the ring with Deonna Purrazzo. Killer Kelly comes out with Renee Michelle. Lee and Kelly have a match. Lee wins it with a Swanton.

Kimber Lee defeats Killer Kelly via pinfall.

I'm not sure why they needed to have Killer Kelly's job before her Knockouts tag tournament match, but here we are. After the match, Susie's music plays, and Susie comes out (not Su Yung). She says that Purrazzo and Lee hurt her friends, and now another friend is here to make them pay. What? Su Yung comes out (via trick photography, Susie appears to still be on the stage) and attacks Purrazzo and Lee, sending them retreating. That was weird.

Gia Miller talks to the Motor City Machine Guns last week. Shelley is back from injury and ready to wrestle. Sabin says they're coming after XXXL first, then The North, and finally the Good Brothers and the Impact Tag Team Championships.

Well, if nothing else, it's been an interesting Impact so far. As Impact takes a commercial break here, we'll cut over to part two of this recap. Join us there!

This post is part of a multi-part series: The Shovel: Impact Wrestling Edition for November 24th, 2020.

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