Impact Wrestling Report – EC3 Doxxes Moose, Gives Out Phone Number

Impact Wrestling this week may have peaked early with the Heath commercial, but we're gonna hand in there for the rest of the episode just in case. Welcome to part two of Bleeding Cool's Impact Wrestling report. If you didn't read part one, that's okay. You're a rebel who doesn't follow the rules.

The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling Report for September 22nd, 2020 Part 2

EC3 cuts a promo–he knows what it feels like to having something he loves stolen from him. He knows what it's like to have the TNA CHampionship stolen from him. But these are the time people come together and control the narrative. EC3 says the year is 2020, and with all the technology, we can control information and communicate. He wants everyone to come together to help Moose find the TNA Championship. He gives away Moose's cell phone number. 407-457-8494. Together, we can bring down the TNA Championship thief. I'll call the number in a minute. Gotta recap here.

Taya Valkyrie confronts Rosemary backstage for ditching her match last week and letting Taya get beat. Rosemary says she was unconscious backstage, and in fact, Rosemary needed Taya's help in confronting Havok. Rosemary says she'll help Taya first, and then Taya needs to help Rosemary with her problem. Taya says she knows Rosemary is going through a lot with the wedding, so Taya will help her first. Rosemary asks whether Taya is helping John E. Bravo. She says he's got it under control.

Bravo is elsewhere with The Deaners, Alisha Edwards, Crazzy Steve, Johnny Swinger, and Fallah Bahh. He tells everyone to dig their heels in and get to work helping with the wedding. The Deaners say they're just here to party. Bravo lectures them, so the Deaners bail, since they have a match. Swinger takes issue with Fallah Bahh being the best man because he's the only man here. He calls Steve a "young boy" and Alisha, a "brizz-oad." He insulted Fallah Bahh, too, but I missed it. No rewind on Twitch. Swinger is a national treasure. Tommy Dreamer shows up and tries to make a match, Wrestle House style, but Bravo tells him to shut up.

Impact goes to commercials. Let's call Moose's cellphone. "The wireless customer you are calling is not available. Please try again later." Dammit. George Iceman is totally psyched about whatever country people in the Twitch chat say they're from. Saudi Arabia. Pakistan. Portugal. George Iceman is the most enthusiastic person I've ever seen.

Impact is back. Gia Miller talks to Brian Myers about losing to Willie Mack last week. He says he beat Mack twice before that. She says he cheated. He flips a table. Tommy Dreamer shows up and tries to talk him down. He tells him to clean up the mess. He refuses. Gia starts to clean it up. Tommy stops her. He says Myers is new here and he's disrespecting the locker room. He tells him to clean it up. Myers says no. Tommy says yes and gets in his face. Myers says he's not a punk-ass kid, and he wouldn't let his own father talk to him like this, and he certainly won't let his wrestling dad do it. Myers says he'll clean it up, but Tommy better walk away.

The Deaners come out… but just when I'm about to tell you that I refuse to recap Deaners matches, Eric Young attacks them from behind. Okay, I can get down with Eric Young beating the crap out of the Deaners. He whoops Cody Deaner's ass at ringside. Then he brings him in the ring and hits a piledriver. Young looks very pleased with himself. He says his conscience is clear and then tries to break Cody Deaner's leg. Cousin Jake makes the save, and Young retreats. Young reiterates that all of this is Scott D'Amore's fault. Then he pretends to leave, and when Jake tends to Cody, Young runs back in and assaults him. Now Jake gets a piledriver.

Young is very happy with himself now. He talks to the camera. "are you watching Eddie? Are you watching, Rich? It's your fault, Scott." He grabs the mic and asks if they're watching again while kicking the Deaners. He tells Scott D'Amore to pay close attention to what happens from here on out because it's on him. Young doesn't want to be like this. They forced his hand. He gave Rich and Eddie the easy way out. In the end, this is Scott D'Amore's choice what happens from here on. Young talks some more trash to the Deaners and kicks them some more. He says Impact is his world now. It's all in his control. It's all by design. He kicks Cody out of the ring and tries to break Jake's ankle this time.

Finally, security comes out, but Young beats them up too. Impact only has two security guards; it seems. Young goes back to beating on Jake and trying to break his ankle. Scott D'Amore comes out. "What are you doing? What are you trying to accomplish?" D'Amore gets in the ring and pulls Young off. Young gets in his face. D'Amore lectures him. Young grabs D'Amore by his collar and starts yelling at him.

Eddie Edwards shows up and attacks Young. Young retreats up the ramp. Eddie Edwards is back, I guess.

After a major tantrum from Eric Young ending in the return of Eddie Edwards, Impact takes a commercial break. Tommy Dreamer has finally joined George Iceman as the Twitch co-host. Dreamer talks up the Heath Slater video from earlier, which featured a bunch of Cameo videos from celebrities. Dreamer says Heath must have spent at least $150 on the Cameos. He says it's true that Heath isn't under Impact contract. He says Impact tells the truth and the real stories of the real men and women behind the scenes. He claims Impact signed all the talent they could, and now Heath has to really fight for his job. Tommy Dreamer, keeping kayfabe alive in 2020. Iceman asks Dreamer about his confrontation with Brian Myers earlier. Dreamer says he hired Myers into WWE back in the day, and Myers is now the age Dreamer was back then. Dreamer says he understands Myers' frustrations, but you can't behave that way backstage. Dreamer tries to help people learn from the mistakes he's used during his career. Myers was misused in WWE and has an opportunity to be a heavy player now. Dreamer puts over Impact as the new ECW because it's a bunch of misfits getting the chance to shine. He says Myers can't be acting like an ass, though. He hopes they can hash it out. Dreamer does add that if Myers gets fired, Impact will have a spot for Heath.

After commercials, Eddie Edwards asks Scott D'Amore what the hell he's doing. D'Amore is the boss. Why is he letting Eric Young get away with this? Eddie deserves a rematch so he can end this. D'Amore gives him the match at Victory Road. He tells him to get his head straight and get the job done. Maybe for once, Eddie should be the leader he says he is.

Well, this may be a new record. The first wrestling recap article I've ever written where not a single actual match happened. Will we get one before the end of the show? Find out in the third and final part of our Impact Wrestling report.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Impact Wrestling Report for September 22, 2020.

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