It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Honors The Rage That Knows No Bounds

In our hearts, every week is a special week for Dennis, Dee, Mac, Charlie, Frank, and the dysfunctional furies that populate the world of FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But officially, we are sad to report that we've reached the end of "Dennis Week"- one that honored the golden god properly. Kicking off with a Hulu watch party for "The D.E.N.N.I.S. System" and "Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life" and going off from there, fans had a chance to hear from Glenn Howerton as he shares what it's been like playing the character as well as offering a number of behind-the-scenes insights. But thankfully, there are still a gem or two to share- take a look!

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After offering fans his thoughts on the worst things Dennis has done during his run, Howerton is sharing some of his favorite moments while urging everyone to share their own (with the comments section at the end of the article a perfect place to start with that):

And what would "Dennis Week" be without a proper tribute video, in this case, a look back at 14 seasons' worth of golden god rage in all of its hilarious glory? A pretty sad one, indeed! Thankfully, your friends at FX Networks have you covered:

Just in case you missed the watch party screening on Thursday night, the folks over at FX on Hulu are offering up five fan-favorite episodes to help you hold your own "Dennis Week" viewing party over the weekend (and make sure to slip "Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs" int the mix):

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Now here's a look at Howerton offering his thoughts on what the worst thing he thinks Dennis has done during the series' run (with our personal pick being when Dennis finally told Mac that he was keeping Mac's dad's letters from him in Season 11's "The Gang Goes to Hell")

Bleeding Cool had the opportunity to ask Howerton about the upcoming 15th season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia during our one-on-one interview ahead of A.P. Bio Season 3 here stateside late last year. In the clip below, Howerton explains that the combination of pandemic-related delays and other projects that the cast is committed to (for example, the second season of McElhenney's Mythic Quest, Olson's upcoming Jean Smart-starring comedy, and the fourth season of A.P. Bio) has made it difficult to finalize a production ("at this point, it's more of a timing thing"). Though they may still be in the process of "trying to figure it out," Howerton expressed how excited and committed they are to a strong 15th run (saying "maybe even a sixteenth" at the time- funny considering the multi-season renewal that the series would announce not long after).

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