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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Throws Support Behind #SaveTheWinchesters Campaign

Jeffrey Dean Morgan checked in on Danneel Ackles' Instagram post to share his support for the ongoing #SaveTheWinchesters campaign.

With the #SaveTheWinchesters campaign currently underway for Robbie Thompson, Jensen Ackles & Danneel Ackles' Drake Rodger & Meg Donnelly-starring spinoff prequel series The Winchesters, the drive to find the Supernatural universe series a new home is getting a major endorsement from someone you might recognize. "Love this! Good group of punks here!!! Good luck to all on finding a new home. Show, fans, these actors, you two… did the work to more than deserve another 19 seasons. Xxx," Jeffrey Dean Morgan wrote in the comments section of Danneel Ackles' Instagram post sharing the cast video that Jensen Ackles and others began posting on Thursday night.

Image: The CW (Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Drake Rodger)

Here's a look at Morgan's response to Danneel Ackles' Instagram post after The CW confirmed the series was ending and the #SaveTheWinchesters campaign got underway.

Image: Instagram Screencap (Jeffrey Dean Morgan Response)

Jensen Ackles on The Future of "The Winchesters" & "Supernatural"

To help fuel the #SaveTheWinchesters campaign, Jensen Ackles spoke with EW about the fanbase being "fired up," feeling optimistic about the show's future, discussions about Season 2, and how the spinoff series could be a road map for a Supernatural return – an idea that he and Jared Padalecki "have talked about."

Ackles on Supernatural Fanbase Already Being "Fired Up": "They are fired up. I love that about this fandom. I love that they are so passionate about this world and this universe and these characters that they are willing to go to the mat for a show like this. I think that speaks volumes, especially to those who are willing to listen and have the power to do something about it."

Ackles on Feeling "Optimistic" About Show's Future: "I do feel hopeful, and I don't know whether that's just the optimistic side of me, which I didn't know existed in this capacity. I've been moving more toward a curmudgeon, more toward what we all thought Dean Winchester would dive into when he got older. That's just the Dean in me. But I do have this crazy optimism for this show, and I think it largely resides in the energy that we found on set with this cast and this crew. That crazy optimism is one of the reasons why this show made it on air in the first place, and I think it's one of the several reasons why the show should continue somewhere."

Ackles On "The Winchesters" Season 2 Plans: With a five-season plan envisioned (Ackles: "Hopefully we get to execute that. I just think that there's a way to keep this alive, and it would be a shame to let that go"), Ackles shares that discussions on the second season have already been taking place. "We were talking not only about the story and where we wanted to take our cast; we were talking about who we were going to bring back from the mothership," Ackles shared, adding that there was interest from SPN alum about possible future appearances. "We were putting together a lot of tricks to keep up our sleeve and keep it exciting, not just for the new fans but for the returning fans as well," he added.

"The Winchesters" Was a Road to a Possible "Supernatural" Return: "And then we don't know what it would look like beyond that [their five-season plan], but there was certainly a way of tying this into like a possible return of Supernatural down the line, which Robbie [Thompson] and I had talked about. It's something that Jared [Padalecki] and I have talked about, what that might look like."

Here's a look at what Ackles had to tweet yesterday, followed by a video that Ackles shared with members of the cast, getting the word out early that #SaveThe Winchesters needs to be used so often that the hashtag could be seen from space:

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