Kenny Omega Challenges Will Ospreay to Wrestle Kingdom Title Match

AEW Full Gear was a massive success for AEW, pivoting from the disaster of the All Out post-show media scrum to highlight homegrown AEW talent in a turning point for the promotion, in front of a sold-out crowd live on PPV. And The Chadster feels it was oh so unfair! The Chadster thought he was finally going to be rid of AEW after CM Punk destroyed the company, only for it to rise from the ashes and be reborn even more offensive to everything The Chadster believes in than before! And now, it looks like AEW is once again teaming up with NJPW to bully WWE as the Forbidden Door has swung open and Kenny Omega will walk through it into Wrestle Kingdom to challenge Will Ospreay for the IWGP United States Championship. Auughh man! So unfair!

Kenny Omega challenges Will Ospreay to a Wrestle Kingdom match for the IWGP United States Championship
Kenny Omega challenges Will Ospreay to a Wrestle Kingdom match for the IWGP United States Championship

In a promo posted to social media and spoken mostly in Japanese, Omega said Ospreay was a poor replacement for him after he left NJPW and blamed Ospreay for a downturn in business and the lack of cheering crowds in the pandemic era. Omega said he would be at Wrestle Kingdom 17 and would save NJPW from Ospreay.

The Chadster believes that it is unfair for NJPW and AEW to team up against WWE because WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world and the two smaller companies are ganging up on them. It's not fair! WWE is trying to provide an alternative to AEW and NJPW and these two companies are just trying to ruin WWE's plans! And why? Why focus so much energy on attacking WWE instead of concentrating on their own products? It's simply. This is just how Tony Khan operates.

For years, Tony Khan has been totally obsessed with The Chadster, doing everything in his power to make The Chadster's life absolutely miserable, and this is just the latest example of what he's willing to do as part of his sick personal vendetta. The Chadster is convinced that Tony Khan is behind all of the problems in his life, including his wife always texting with that guy Gary. The Chadster believes that Tony Khan is deliberately trying to make his life difficult and booking entertaining wrestling matches is just part of that sick plan. It's unfair, and The Chadsters isn't going to take it anymore.

Until NJPW stops colluding with AEW to destroy WWE, The Chadster is swearing off anything Japanese. The Chadster will no longer eat sushi or play Nintendo or watch anime. The Chadster will only consume products made by WWE or by Saudi Arabia until such a time as NJPW disavows AEW, forms a partnership with AEW where NJPW is the junior partner and does whatever WWE wants, and then dedicates its resources to destroying AEW and stopping Tony Khan from torturing The Chadster like he has been doing since 2019.

Wrestle Kingdom 17 will take place on January 4th at the Tokyo Dome, and can be streamed in the United States on NJPW World.

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