Chris Hyatte's signature signoff.

Seminal Wrestling Columnist Chris Hyatte Passes Away, Age 50

Chris Hyatte, a pioneer of internet wrestling journalism best known for writing The Mop-Up, The Midnight News, and And Another Thing from 1997 to 2007, passed away Thursday at the age of 50, peacefully with his loved ones, according to a cousin who made a final post on Hyatte's Twitter account. The often controversial writer […]

The logo of Reddit, where wresting subreddit Squared Circle has closed in protest.

Squared Circle Subreddit Closes for 12 Hours to Protest Racism

Squared Circle, the largest subreddit dedicated to pro wrestling, announced Wednesday that they would close the subreddit for all new posts and comments as a protest against racism, police brutality, and Reddit's complicity in spreading hate speech. The closure began at 8PM Wednesday night and Squared Circle is set to reopen at 8PM Thursday morning, […]

A look at Owen Hart in Dark Side of the Ring, courtesy of Vice TV.

Dark Side of the Ring: Chris Jericho on Chris Benoit, Martha Hart/AEW

Vice TV's second season of Dark Side of the Ring bookended its critically-acclaimed ratings hit with two of the most tragic and controversial subjects in pro wrestling history. The two-part opener focused on the lives and tragic deaths of Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit, and their son, Daniel; wrapping up with a look at the shocking death […]

Being the Elite, Total Divas Video Game, and the Return of WCW?!

Being the Elite, Total Divas Video Game, and WCW Returns?!?

Before we leave you to eat large quantities of grilled meat products and fall asleep during the first hour of WWE Monday Night Raw, here's a few pro wrestling stories making the dirt sheet rounds this fine Memorial Day. Being the Elite #205 is out, titled "Stadium Stampede". The episode features an appearance by Marty […]

The Logo for New Japan Pro Wrestling or NJPW

Here's When Japan Will Open For Wrestling Shows

"Recently, new infection cases have fallen below 50 for the entire nation, and what was once nearly 10,000 hospitalized cases — that has now fallen below 2,000."[caption id="attachment_1139771" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The Logo for New Japan Pro Wrestling or NJPW[/caption]What that means for wrestling in Japan, according to the Super J-Cast podcast, is that empty arena[...]

Hana Kumura, photo by Yoccy441.

NJPW, Stardom Wrestler Hana Kimura Passes Away, Age 22

She competed in Wrestle-1 after joining in 2018, wrestled a dark match at the historic New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor G1-Supercard event at Madison Square Garden in 2019, and wrestled in a dark match at NJPW's WrestleKingdom 14 on January 4, 2020 Kimura wrestled in that match against Mayu Iwatani, in a[...]

NJPW Series 2 Figures Up For Preorder From Super7

NJPW Series 2 Figures Up For Preorder From Super7

NJPW figures are on the way from Super7 The first wave preorder closed a little while ago, and today the company showed off wave 2 along with putting them up for preorder Like the first wave, four figures will be available: Bushi, Evil, Hiromu Takahashi, and Tetsuya Naito All will come with authentic ring gear,[...]

Tom Segura doubles down on wrestling hate on podcast [screencap]

Tom Segura Doubles Down on Wrestling Fans, Attacks AJ Styles

Comedian Tom Segura continued his attacks on wrestling fans after stirring up controversy yesterday by calling fans "r****ds." Segura released a video seemingly apologizing to wrestling fans, but later claimed he just "parroted" the words. "Of course I understand why people like wrestling," Segura said in a video released on his Twitter. "It's awesome. Those […]

Comedian Tom Segura insults wrestling fans on his podcast.

Comedian Tom Segura Says Wrestling's for "R****ds", Wrestlers Respond

On a recent episode of his podcast, comedian Tom Segura made disparaging comments about people who like wrestling. Though wrestling fans have been aware for at least the last 100 years that wrestling matches feature wrestlers working with each other and predetermined outcomes, Segura seemed convinced that fans believe the fights are real. "So many […]

New Japan Pro-Wrestling Wrestle Dynasty delayed until 2021, courtesy of NJPW.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling Postpones Wrestle Dynasty until 2021

New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) announced that Wrestle Dynasty has been postponed until 2021 This difficult decision was made in response to the ongoing and evolving COVID-19 global pandemic Wrestle Dynasty was set to take place on August 22, 2020, at the historic Madison Square Garden in New York City NJPW will announce new ticket information[...]

AJ Styles enters the ring on SmackDown, courtesy of WWE.

Will AJ Styles' New Dairy Queen Commercial Increase Divorce Rates?

WWE Superstar AJ Styles is the star of a new commercial from fast-food chain Dairy Queen which sees The Phenomenal One burst through a paper Dairy Queen logo to surprise families of WWE fans eating Dairy Queen food, like the Kool-Aid Man if the Kool-Aid Man was a flat-earther, oh yeah! But while seeing one […]

Herb Abrams and the UWF are the focus of the next Dark Side of the Ring, courtesy of Vice.

Dark Side of the Ring Previews Rise and Fall of UWF's Herb Abrams

Even with the wrestling community still buzzing about last week's David Schultz-focused episode, producers Evan Husney and Jason Eisener's Dark Side of the Ring aren't letting up when it comes to fiery topics. This Tuesday, Vice TV brings the rise and fall of Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) founder Herb "Mr. Electrcity" Abrams. Created and run […]

Brie wants some alone time: Total Bellas, April 30, 2020

Daniel Bryan Had Other Options But Brie Bella Made Him Sign With WWE

Was Bryan talking about signing with a different wrestling organization, like NJPW, Ring of Honor, or even AEW? Hopefully, we'll learn more about this as the Total Bellas documentary continues, though I'm not sure if WWE will allow much more revealing footage like that to make the cut. On last night's episode of Total Bellas,[...]

Drake Maverick in the ring on NXT, courtesy of WWE.

Drake Maverick Winning NXT Match Keeps His WWE Career Alive For Now

Drake Maverick won his match against Tony Nese in the NXT Interim Cruiserweight Championship tournament last night, keeping alive hopes that he won't be fired along with dozens of his co-workers as part of coronavirus pandemic cost-cutting measures. Maverick was one of more than 50 names who were released or furloughed by WWE, a cold-hearted […]

Mick Foley praised the David Schultz episode of Dark Side of the Ring, courtesy of Vice.

Dark Side of the Ring Shares Mick Foley's Praise for David Schultz Ep

Earlier this week, we reported about entertainment juggernaut and ex-full-time WWE wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson giving his seal of approval to producers Evan Husney and Jason Eisener's Dark Side of the Ring and its look at former WWE star David Schultz. Tracing how Schultz's career derailed after a violent run-in with 20/20 reporter John […]

The Big Show and Terry are in agreement on The Big Show Show, courtesy of Netflix and WWE.

The Big Show Show Episode 3 Brought Along Big Character Growth: Review

Netflix's The Big Big Show has been putting much more meat on its bones with each episode, and it's appreciated. In the third episode, the focus shifts to the relationship between Paul Wight aka Big Show's oldest daughter Lola (Reylynn Caster), and her stepmother Cassy (Allison Munn). Cassy and Lola have been largely awkward together […]

Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins brawl in wild contract signing on Raw, courtesy of WWE.

WWE MVP's Open Strong Monday Night RAW Effort This Week

This week's Monday Night RAW opened with the MVP VIP lounge, with the guests including Rey Mysterio, Jr., Aleister Black, and Apollo Crews, with MVP boasting about how he knows Crews will go all the way in this year's Money in the Bank match. The lounge is then crashed by Zelina Vega and her associates. […]

It's AJ Styles and The OC taking on The Undertaker in a Boneyard Match, courtesy of WWE.

WWE Selling WrestleMania 36 Boneyard Match Dirt Capsules for $75

In the pro wrestling business, it's tradition to do anything for a buck. Even so, WWE may have taken things to an entirely new level when they announced the latest piece of merch available on WWE Shop. That's right, for seventy-five bucks, you, yes, you, can own your very own capsule of dirt from the […]

Jerry Lawler taken off of Raw due to a health matter, courtesy of WWE.

With Samoa Joe Joining WWE Raw Commentary Team, Is Jerry Lawler Out?

Samoa Joe is returning to the broadcast booth for WWE Monday Night Raw. According to a report from Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet, a reliable source because he is on WWE's payroll, Joe will return to commentary on one or both of the episodes of Raw being taped this week. Satin doesn't say whether […]

Jesse Ventura interviews Donald Trump at WrestleMania XX, courtesy of WWE.

Has Trump Met His Match? Jesse Ventura Teases Running for President

President Donald Trump could be facing the toughest challenge of his political career this fall as fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer Jesse Ventura considers taking on the commander and chief in a three-way dance with the presidency on the line. Ventura cut a promo on both Republicans and Democrats last week, saying "I refuse to vote for […]