Kevin Smith Asked Lea Thompson to be in 'Howard The Duck' at Hulu

We're still semi-reeling from the announcement that Kevin Smith is heading an animated series at Hulu based on Marvel Comics character Howard The Duck. That news alone was enough to whet our appetite for one of the more misunderstood characters at Marvel's disposal.

Often the butt of jokes of perhaps the worst film adaptation (for a long time, the rumor was the Arc of the Covenant which was kept in the library at Skywalker Ranch held the $2 million-dollar suit from the live-action film), an animated presentation seems like the perfect way to go, especially with Smith and Dave Willis on board to write.

Kevin Smith Asked Lea Thompson to be in 'Howard The Duck' at Hulu
Lea Thompson at the 2018 Saturn Awards
Photo by Mary Anne Butler

Smith also just dropped a pretty great nugget of information that Lea Thompson (Back To The Future) will be a part of the Hulu series. Thompson played Howard's human girlfriend Beverly in the live-action film, and we're super excited that she'll be a part of this new show.


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Last week @hulu announced a deal to carry four new @marvel animated shows: #Modok, #HitMonkey, #TigraAndDazzler and #HowardTheDuck! This is fantastic news to me as a fan, but as a professional, it's quacking me up because THEY HIRED ME TO WRITE IT! Mercifully, they hired the great #DaveWillis to write it too, so we might have a successful show! Dave and I are going Full-Gerber on Howard: Beverly, Bong and the entire cast of characters that made this fowl legend fly! I saw tests for Hit Monkey and M.O.D.O.K. already and holy duck, are they astounding! Like, legit next level shit! So Dave and I have our work cut out for us. But since Dave's the cartoon genius behind #meatwad and the #aquateenhungerforce, Howard is in some fine feathered fingers! Thank you to #jephloeb and the #marveltelevision folks who egged me on, #hulu for the home, and #stevegerber and #valmayerik for not only an amazing character, but also the eventual job for me your work provided! I can't spoil where we're going, but I can tell you this: I already asked movie-Howard heroine @lea_thompson to lend us her vocal Quack Fu in a to-be-revealed-later role! And she did NOT say no! The duck versions of @jayandsilentbob come courtesy of @jeremysimser! #KevinSmith #davewillis #howardtheduckmovie #marvel

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We'll let you know what else we hear about Smith's Howard The Duck. Hopefully, the theme song won't disappoint!

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