"Let's Play": Popular WEBTOON Webcomic Adapted as Anime Short [TRAILER]

Let's Play, the popular webcomic serial on WEBTOON has been adapted into an anime short this week.

WEBTOON is the most-read comics publisher in the world here. They're the most-read digital publisher in the world, and they want to be much more. They want to be a multimedia empire and are slowly working away at that. One of their first steps is a dedicated YouTube channel.

"Let's Play": Popular WEBTOON Webcomic Adapted as Anime Short [TRAILER]

Here's a look!

Their YouTube channel started out featuring trailers for their webcomics, then interviews with creators. There are also instructional videos on how to publish your comics on WEBTOON. It's all about building awareness. This year, the company took things one step further with animated adaptations of some of their comics.

First there was the animated version of fishball's My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, a comedy webcomic. This week, they premiered the first episodes of Leeanne "Mongie" Krecic's "Let's Play" – their first serialized short.

Gamers, Geeks and Romance

Let's Play is the story of Sam Young, a twenty-something woman with social anxiety who wants to be a games developer. When popular streamer Marshall Law trashes her first game, it effectively ruins her career as a games dev before it's even started. To make things worse, Marshall Law moves into the apartment next to hers.

Complications ensue, of course. The webcomic, which is currently at over 80 chapters, tells the story of Sam's journey as she deals with social anxiety, romantic tensions with at least three men in her life, her career in tech, and her ambitions. It's a knowing series that covers gaming culture, toxic fan culture, streamer culture, the tech business, and emotional trauma.

Each episode of the anime so far is a surprisingly faithful adaptation of a chapter of the webcomic. You can tell the production had a decent budget that the Korean animation studio put to good use. There's no sloppy animation, no cut corners, no inconsistent art, no bad faces or careless anatomy.

A live action version of this series would be the hippest CW show ever.

Ten episodes of the Let's Play anime will be released on the WEBTOON YouTube channel from September 3rd to September 12th. You can read the original webcomics version of Let's Play on WEBTOON.

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