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Camp Prodigy: A New Young Readers Graphi
Their art is super appealing and brings an incredible amount of energy to the page. "Camp Prodigy" creator self-portrait by Caroline Palmer courtesy of Atheneum Books for Young Readers Caroline Palmer (they/them) is a nonbinary comic creator whose work has been published in the comics anthology A Taste of Home (2020) by Level Ground Comics, and their[...]
Freaking Romance
Wattpad WEBTOON Studios and Skybound Entertainment recently announced the development of Aidyn Arroyal / Snailord's Freaking Romance into a live-action feature film The series is a webcomic hit on WEBTOON, with over 468 million global views online The webcomic has also been published as a graphic novel by WEBTOON Unscrolled, with Vol 1 available now and[...]
I'm The Grim Reaper: Sam Raimi to Executive Produce Webtoon TV Series
Filmmaker and Evil Dead & horror impresario Sam Raimi has signed on as executive producer of the TV adaptation of the goth horror comedy Webtoon series I'm The Grim Reaper for Wattpad Webtoons Studios  Josh Campbell & Matt Stuecken the the writers who will adapt the GRAVEWEAVER-created series for television. As reported by Deadline, I'm the Grim Reaper centers[...]
Bobbie Chase Retires From Comics, To Write Tell-All Book About Marvel
Former Marvel Comics EIC, former Vice President & Executive Editor at DC Comics, and just-former Executive Editor at Webtoon Unscrolled, Bobbie Chase has lived more comic books than any of us have read And now she is going to tell us all about it, starting with a book about working at Marvel Comics. YouTube screencap Graduating from[...]
Webtoon Launch Super Likes Monetization For English-Language Creators
The biggest comic book publisher in the world, Webtoon, is introducing "Super Like", a new monetization program for their creators on Webtoon's English language platform It will launch for those who use the Webtoon Canvas publishing model in the spring and Webtoon Original creators in the summer, Super Likes will let creators earn additional revenue[...]
Marvel Unlimited Infinity Comics For Free
As well as offering access to digital versions of Marvel Comics' back catalogue, Marvel Unlimited also published original comic books in the Webtoon vertical scrolling format, which Marvel calls Infinity Comics, as well as recutting previous comics to fit the format Now, to promote those comics, they are making over a hundred of them free[...]
The Leveling of Solo Leveling Documentary Premieres on Crunchyroll
The series began as a novel that became a hit digital comic in the webtoon format of scrolling vertically to read on phones It was the one Korean manhwa that broke through to international audiences and opened up manhwa to the West, and is currently the most-hyped anime series of the current season. Spanning across Korea[...]
Oni Press is to offer the first print publication of the Webtoon series SubZero by Junepurrr With over 375 million reads on Webtoon and over three million subscribers, the romance fantasy comic book will arrive in print in September SubZero Vol 1 will collect episodes 0–25 of the Webtoon and feature all-new, back matter material. Junepurrr[...]
Webtoon's New Deals With Aethon Books & Penguin Random House
Webtoon Entertainment is the largest comic book publisher in the world, the last time we checked, claiming Webtoon claims over 175 million monthly active users around the world, is headquartered in Korea with an entertainment division in Los Angeles and under the corporate umbrella of Korean company Naver And they continue to make moves. #gallery-1 { margin:[...]
Bleeding Cool's Comic Book and Graphic Novel JobWatch
Our Localization Team at WEBTOON is seeking experienced freelance translators for the Korean > English language pair We are looking for someone with a passion for storytelling who wants to share more great stories with English-speaking readers around the world. Rights Manager at Rebellion, Oxford, England, United Kingdom We are looking for an engaged, proactive and[...]
David J. Lee Moves From Impossible Burger To CFO Of Webtoon
Bleeding Cool loves to cover Webtoon Entertainment – well, they are the largest comic book publisher of all Webtoon claims over 85 million readers around the world, is headquartered in Korea with an entertainment division in Los Angeles and is now under the umbrella of Korean company Naver And they have been making some changes[...]
DC's Bobbie Chase, Now Executive Editor of Webtoon's Printed Comics
She was one of the victims of the DC Bloodbath redundancies but has more than landed on her feet as executive editor of Webtoon Unscrolled, which published print versions of digital Webtoon comic books. Talking to Shaenon K Garrity at Publisher's Weekly, Bobbie Chase stated "As someone who did superhero comics for 35 years of my[...]
Heather Nuhfer & Patricia Daguisan's New MG Graphic Novel, Lunch
She has also written kids novels, including the My So-Called Superpowers series, and on TV for Littlest Pet Shop. Patricia Daguisan is a Haitian-American artist who graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential art and works in comics, animation, gaming character design, background, and illustration for publishers including Bento[...]
Comic Book Retailers (& Publishers) Say The Funniest Things Part Three
He continued; " I think Direct Market retailers can adapt to the market as it exists, retaining what's working for them in the periodical business, while expanding their sales of manga, webtoon collections, kids graphic novels, and OGNs.  They can continue to win customers based on their curation (although it may involve fewer superheroes), and on[...]
Hawk: MCU Writer Christopher Yost to Adapt Webtoon for Animated Series
Wattpad WEBTOON Studios, the fan-driven global entertainment and publishing arm for WEBTOON and Wattpad, today announced Hawk, a new animated series in development with Christopher Yost, screenwriter for Thor: Ragnarok and The Mandalorian, and other incredible sci-fi and comic-based projects The series is based on Mike Booth's popular intergalactic sci-fi webnovel of the same name,[...]
Not So Shoujo Love Story
Curryuku's Not So Shoujo Love Story, is a webcomic published by the Korean digital comics publisher Webtoon, in which "romance superfan (and tomboy) Rei's plans to create the perfect high school romance for herself are derailed when the most popular girl in school declares herself a rival for Rei's heart." Romance-super-fan Rei Chan is ready for[...]
RAchel Smythe attending NYCC for Webtoon
Webtoon, the world's largest digital comics platform, will be hosting more panels at New York Comic Con next month than ever before, a total of eight across the four-day weekend A fair few with New York Comic Con featured special guest and Lore Olympus creator Rachel Smythe who will be signing through the weekend, from the[...]
The Awl: ABLAZE to Publish Acclaimed Korean Webtoon Graphic Novel
The Awl, an award-winning Korean webtoon about a charismatic labor union activist battling corporate greed to improve the lives of workers, will get its English language debut from ABLAZE The publishing house is expanding its webtoon manhwa lineup with the moving and socially conscious series about workers' struggles at an oppressive Korean big-box superstore as[...]
Skate Fire 100 Creators Sign 2027 Deal For President of the Anime Club
President of the Anime Club by Stephanie Evangelista and Daigo Fukuda, partners and co-creators of the Webtoon Skate Fire 100 from 2019-2021, is their debut queer coming-of-age YA graphic novel about a girl in her first year of high school who finds friendship and camaraderie with other anime lovers as she navigates her feelings between two new[...]
Abu Dhabi Comics Publisher Sandstorm Launches Its Own Comic Con
Publishers attending include Cryptozoic, DSTLRY, Mad Cave, Massive Publishing, Top Cow, and Webtoon as well as Japanese retailer Kinokuniya More guests will be announced weekly. Sandstorm Comics is a new comic book studio planning to launch its own Storm The Block comic con event in Abu Dhabi this December First teased at the tenth annual[...]
Cover image for BOYFRIENDS GN
Refrainbow's Boyfriends, a Webtoon with 2.3 million subscribers and 413 million reads is coming to print in Webtoon Unscrolled November 2023 solicits and solicitations, "A comic about getting yourself a boyfriend… or multiple boyfriends! Four college students begin a polyamorous relationship and navigate the adventure that is their dating life!" #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top:[...]
Mori Jin
The God Of High School by Yonje Park is getting its second volume, from digital-to-print publisher Webtoon Unscrolled on sale on the 12th of March 2024 And because Webtoon likes Bleeding Cool, we have the exclusive look at the print volume cover It's first volume will be published in October 2023. Yonje Park's The God Of High[...]
Miyuli's Morgana  Oz Gets a Publishing Deal From Webtoon Unscrolled
Miyuli's Morgana And Oz, a YA fantasy romance adventure that pits witch against vampire, published on the Webtoon digital streaming publisher and distributor, with 1.2 million subscribers and almost 50 million reads on Webtoon's North American English platform alone. "What happens when a struggling witch meets an angsty vampire? Either love or war Morgana belongs to[...]
Oni Press Publish 'Queer Constantine' Covenant Webtoon by Explodikid
Announced earlier at io9, Oni has released word that it will be publishing the first print edition of Webtoon comic Covenant by LySandra Vuong (aka Explodikid) for release in April 2024 People at Oni Press have described this to me as "queer Constantine"… someone should probably tell them. The first of three planned print volumes for the Webtoon series[...]
Penguin Random House & Del Rey UK Launch Inklore Webtoon Imprint
We cannot wait to publish the titles we have signed so far – as well as those to come." Inklore quote The first Inklore project will be My Love Story With Yamada-kun at Lv999, a gamer rom-com manga series by Mashiro, previously published in Japan by Mashiro, Kadokawa and ComicSmart since 2018, with the seventh volume published[...]
Four years ago Webtoon became the most popular comic book publisher in the world, and its size and scope have increased vastly since, with an average of 89 million monthly active users, about ten million of which are in the US, and its serialised webcomics that scroll vertically are available in the free-to-download Webtoon app[...]
Black Knight: A Korean Actioner that’s an Allegory for Reunification
Black Knight is the latest Netflix adaptation of a Korean webtoon that leans into Science Fiction dystopias This time it's the future where the Korean Peninsula has been devastated by toxic air pollution The people have been forced to live indoors and have their food and oxygen delivered to their homes This makes the Black[...]
Apple To Launch New Webtoons Publisher For Its Books App
The Apple Books app has signed a three-year deal with South Korean startup Kenaz to publish webtoons, vertically scrolling comics made famous by fellow South Korean publisher Webtoon, formerly LINE Webtoon, the most-read comic book publisher in the world Initially rolled out in Japan in April, this will now expand to the fifty other countries[...]