Picture of Geoffrey Thorne and used with permission.

TV Writer Geoffrey Thorne Makes Webcomics Move With Sist3rs

'Geoffrey Thorne first caught the public imagination as a cast member of the television series In The Heat Of The Night alongside Caroll O'Connor and Howard E. Rollins Jr. After making a mark as an actor, he completely reinvented himself as a writer, cutting his teeth working through the ranks of Star Trek: The Next […]

Artist Quinn McGowan Talks #WildfireWednesday Season 5

INTERVIEW: Artist Quinn McGowan Talks #WildfireWednesday Season 5

Last Wednesday marked the launch of Season Five of the webcomic Project Wildfire, called Smoke On The Water. Project Wildfire is the brainchild of United States Marine Corps veteran turned self-taught comic book artist Quinn McGowan. A veritable Renaissance man — he's performed on hip hop stages opening for KRS-ONE, worked as a tattoo artist, […]

Homestuck Book 1 cover by Adrienne Garcia

Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon is a Surprise Sequel to Homestuck

Homestuck ended three years ago. The seemingly endless webcomic embodied the vast weird, insularity of nerd culture on the internet. It referenced Choose Your Own Adventure text-based computer games, Science Fiction, l33t speak, spoofed yet invented its own memes, time travel, evil doppelgangers, cosmic wars, alternate universes and everything that geeks love. The series was […]

WEBTOON Partners with Crunchyroll to Develop Animation Series

WEBTOON Partners with Crunchyroll to Develop Anime Series

WEBTOON, the world's leading digital comics publisher, announced a partnership with Crunchyroll, the world's most popular anime streaming service. The strategic partnership will see the development and co-production of new animated content. Crunchyroll and WEBTOON will also collaborate on the distribution, licensing, and retail of each new series. Korea-owned WEBTOON is currently the most read […]

“Let’s Play” : WEBTOON Debuts Anime Adaptation of Their Popular Webcomic Serial

"Let's Play": Popular WEBTOON Webcomic Adapted as Anime Short [TRAILER]

One of their first steps is a dedicated YouTube channel.[caption id="attachment_1082753" align="aligncenter" width="820"] Mongie/WEBTOON[/caption]Here's a look!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX-kJp6IZpoTheir YouTube channel started out featuring trailers for their webcomics, then interviews with creators There are also instructional videos on how to publish your comics on WEBTOON[...]

WEBTOON Releases New TV Spot "Find Yours" During “Fear the Walking Dead” and “NOS4A2”

WEBTOON Urges Comics Readers, Creators to "Find Yours" in New TV Promo [VIDEO]

WEBTOON is a digital comics platform and app, arguably the most successful comics publisher in the world. The Korean-owned company publishes comics with phones, tablets, and other on-the-go devices in mind with its "scrolling down" reading format. This year, platform celebrates their 5th anniversary with 100 billion views annually worldwide. The app averages more than 55 […]


"My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, Animated": WEBTOON's First "Nerdtastic" Animated Series

WEBTOON, the world’s most successful webcomics publisher – and comics publisher in general – has released their first animated series: My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, Animated - an adaptation of one of the most popular comics series on the service My Giant Nerd Boyfriend premiered on WEBTOON in March 2017 and became one of its biggest[...]

Lion Forge to Print Ariel Slamet Ries's Witchy Webcomic this September

With the help of my editors Hazel Newlevant and Steenz, the Witchy book has become something truly special! And Lion Forge editor Christina "Steenz" Stewart added: When I started at Lion Forge two years ago, I was thrilled to be able to bring in new titles (specifically webcomics) to our acquisitions process So when I had the[...]

Image to Collect Ophiuchus Webcomic in August

A lot of people think that comic book publishers should be trying to break into the webcomics market, where there are exponentially more readers available who could be converted into paying customers Image must have misheard those people, because instead of bringing the world of print comics to the web, they're bringing webcomics to print![...]

Mike Norton's Anti-Trump Webcomic Lil' Donnie Collected at Image in August

Opinions on the President of the United States tend to differ depending on who you ask (try it at your next family get-together), but there's one thing people on both sides of the aisle can agree on: we can't get enough of Trump. From our newspapers to our 24-hour cable news networks to our '80s […]


Could Instagram Be A New Place For Comics Storytelling?

As this Instagram user, salgoolulu, demonstrates here.https://www.instagram.com/p/BTM8KI4l1Ya/But could it be an avenue for telling short, comic narratives too? Like webcomics, could Instagram now be a place for artists to tell short stories, where users swipe between panels to continue the story? It doesn't seem to be a problem for user johannathemad on the app.https://www.instagram.com/p/BTpMZvWlflH/And certainly[...]

Vanguard – British Superheroes to Save the Day!

By Joe Glass Dan Butcher, creator and artist of UK webcomic series Vanguard, has put together a collected edition of his British superheroes series. Set in the near future, Vanguard features a small team of genetically-engineered super-humans who are employed by the British government at home and abroad to protect the nation's interests. Set mainly […]

Post NYCC – Prism Comics Presents: Autobio In Queer Comics

By Joe Glass I have to start this piece with an apology: when I sat in on this panel, I found myself suffering complete technical failure. It seems in Room 1A01 it is a complete deadzone for the internet. Whilst the shocking uselessness of the complimentary WiFi provided by 'LexCorp' was a common topic of […]

Webcomic Spotlight – Inhibit By Eve G. And Song Of The Outcasts By Van Weasel

By Jason KarlsonOnce again we have two more fantastic, recently launched webcomics to discuss.Inhibit by Eve GPicture the brochure for Charles Xavier’s safe haven for mutants You might be fearing for your life, but look what’s on offer Holographic training rooms, alien technology, a blackbird jet under the basketball court and, of course, the frequent[...]