Looks Like Someone at The Boys Twitter Account Wants "Peak" Content

Okay, so this is a weird one. As we mentioned in our previous update, when it comes to Amazon & Eric Kripke's The Boys, our coverage usually falls neatly into one of a few topics. We've got hard casting & production news, social media updates from the cast & crew, and looks at the show's universe-within-a-universe marketing (like giving Vought International its own social media & YouTube account). But then something comes along that leaves us scratching our heads- like what dropped this evening. Because we're not quite sure what to do with a tweet that involves amateur parody porn and a… fleshlight? Looks like "Herogasm" hasn't quite reached its climax yet…

the boys
THE BOYS (Image: Amazon Screencap)

So an individual over on Reddit (look, we're not even sure if we should post his name or not, but here's the site) filmed a porn parody short film based on Chace Crawford's The Deep (for this take, it's "The Peak"). Do we really need to tell you what (in)famous Season 3 moment is being parodied? Over on their Reddit page, you can check out what could be NSFW images even though they're listed as SFW (mileage may vary), as well as the secret to what they used for the octopus. Well, apparently, it was impressive enough (we'll leave it to you to determine what "it" is) to catch the attention of the Prime Video series' Twitter team because they tweeted out an intro to the individual as well as a link to their Reddit page. Okay, now, just to be clear? You know how they like to say that every season will blow our minds even more than the previous one? That's how I've been feeling about the show's social media accounts heading into the third season. Because it's not a lot of shows out there that not only wear their love & appreciation for cosplay & parody porn on their sleeves but also actively promote up-and-coming artists (you're welcome).

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