Lucifer: Lesley-Ann Brandt, Troll-Crushing Champ Six Seasons Running

Some folks just have to be trashy. You know the types we're talking about. They're the trolls who get their rocks off oozing around on social media looking for every chance they can get to take a steamy crap on everyone else's Corn Flakes (metaphorically speaking). Being BCTV, we see that a lot when it comes to long-running shows and their fanbases. For some reason, there are those out there who are clearly lacking in something in their lives so they look to fill that gaping hole with the feeling of superiority they get from trashing the shows that others love. As a fan of The Walking Dead, it's usually people telling me the show sucks even though they haven't watched it in over five years (and that according to global streaming stats, the world appears to disagree). Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt appears to be of the same mindset, and it doesn't matter that the show's only days away from wrapping up its six-season run in style. Responding to an individual whose name we redacted because they don't deserve even 15 seconds of fame, Brandt wanted to make clear that the show's anything but garbage. And what better way to do that? Remind the trolls that their hateful little views don't matter because success says otherwise:

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With September 10th right around the corner, Netflix knows that there are some Lucifans out there who are looking to scoop up every bit of intel they can. So they've put together a little something that gathers everything we know so far while also sprinkling in some new looks and censored teasers for what's to come before the final credits roll. Here's a look at everything the folks at the streaming service can tell you about Lucifer Season 6, what they can't tell you, and what they can kinda-sorta tell you with some well-placed bleeping and pixelating:

And check out the sneak preview for S0603 "Yabba Dabba Do Me" at the end of the following clip focusing on some of Lucifer's finest moments for a look at The Devil and getting very "animated":

From what the streaming service series has been telling us about these final episodes, it appears Lucifer (Ellis) is a little hesitant about the whole "God" thing. But while he debates taking on the biggest CEO role in all of existence, the world begins to not feel so well while Heaven lacks a big boss. And for those you who had some lingering questions about The Devil's ensemble, you might also be getting a few clues in the area too- like the path Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) would take to help bring law and order to society. Here's a look back at The Devil's final run as Lucifer Season 6 hits Netflix on September 10th:

Here's a look at some of the best and brightest bloopers this side of Season 5 Part 2, and wrapping up with a trip down memory lane in the form of the cast doing a table read of the pilot in honor of Geeked Week:

Speaking of Season 6, how about some intel on the episodes in the form of titles, directors, and writers? Because that's what the show's writers have offered over the past few weeks. For our ten chapters, we have (with directors/writers) "Nothing Ever Changes Around Here" (Kevin Alejandro/ Mike Costa), "Buckets of Baggage" (Richard Speight Jr. / Jen Graham Imada), "Yabba Dabba Do Me" (Nathan Hope / Joe Henderson), "Pin the Tail on the Baddie" (Viet Nguyen / Carly Woodworth), "The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar" (Lisa Demaine / Lloyd Gilyard Jr.), "A Lot Dirtier Than That" (Claudia Yarmy / Ildy Modrovich), "My Best Fiend" (Nathan Hope / Julia Fontana), "Save the Devil, Save the World" (DB Woodside / Aiyana White), and "Goodbye, Lucifer" (Kevin Alejandro / Chris Rafferty), and "Partners 'Til the End" (Sherwin Shilati / Ildy Modrovich & Joe Henderson).

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