Married… with Children Animated Series with Original Cast in Works

Are viewers ready for an animated take on The Bundys? Because that may be on the way with Deadline Hollywood reporting that Al (Ed O'Neill), Peggy (Katey Sagal), Kelly (Christina Applegate), and Bud (David Faustino) are looking to make a return- with the original cast of Married… with Children returning to voice the characters they made famous from 1987-1997. Showrunner Alex Carter (Family Guy) is set to write the series, with Sony Pictures Television (owner & distributor of the original series) having spent the past year locking in deals and working up production before shopping it to interested networks and streamers. The move makes sense in two big ways. First, studios have been seeing big success in revisiting popular IPs for reboots, revivals, prequels, sequels, spinoffs, etc. And second, as the pandemic shows us, having a supply of popular & well-known adult animated series is never a bad thing (and Married… with Children has built-in name brand recognition).

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Now, where it gets interesting is where the series may land. An obvious choice would be FOX, considering it was the home of the original series and is the home of "Animation Domination," an impressive slate of adult animated series that includes Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, The Great North, and more. But not so fast because both Hulu and Peacock have an interest in picking up the series. Since both streamers carry the original sitcom, the animated series would not only bring new streaming subscribers but it would also enhance the value of the older episodes. In 2016, Faustino pitched a revival series that would find a divorced & struggling Bud moving back into the old home with his ex-wife and best friend as Al & Peg live out their lives in Las Vegas after striking it big in a lottery win. Since that time, talk of bringing the show back had quieted down as the cast's schedules became busier (for example, O'Neil would go on the star in ABC's Modern Family for over ten seasons).

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