Naomi: The CW, Ava DuVernay's DC Multiverse Project Earns Series Order

A little less than a month after viewers got their first look at Kaci Walfall as Naomi McDuffie from award-winner Ava DuVernay and Arrow writer and co-executive producer Jill Blankenship's Naomi, they're learning that they're going to have the opportunity to get to know her much better. On Monday, The CW announced that the pilot had received a green light for a series order. Based on the 2019-debuting comic book series co-written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker) and illustrated by artist Jamal Campbell, the series follows a teen girl's journey from her small northwestern town to the heights of the multiverse. When a supernatural event shakes her hometown to the core, Naomi is inspired to uncover its origins- and what she discovers will challenge everything we believe about our heroes.

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Joining Walfall is Alexander Wraith (Orange Is the New Black, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Cranston Johnson (Filthy Rich, P-Valley), newcomer Camila Moreno, Barry Watson (7th Heaven), Mouzam Makkar (The Fix), Mary-Charles Jones (Kevin Can Wait), Aidan Gemme (Finding Neverland), and Daniel Puig (The System). Blankenship and DuVernay will write and executive produce, with the pilot produced by DuVernay's Array Filmworks in association with Warner Bros TV- and Sarah Bremner and Paul Garnes executive producing.

Wraith's Dee is the owner of a local tattoo parlor. When a strange event leaves the town in chaos, Dee hints that he knows more than he is willing to tell. Johnson's Zumbado is the mysterious owner of a local used car lot. Having heard troubling rumors about his past, Naomi actively tries to avoid him but a tense encounter leaves her both shaken and curious. Moreno's Lourdes is a young woman with a sarcastic sense of humor who works in a vintage collectibles shop. She has an unrequited crush on Naomi, and she shares her obsession with classic comics- and she's more than happy to join in on Naomi's schemes.

Naomi is coming to The CW (Image: DC Comics)
Naomi is coming to The CW (Image: DC Comics)

Watson's Greg is Naomi's adoptive father, a veteran military officer who is serious about his responsibilities at the town's military base. He is happily married to Jennifer and sees Naomi as the perfect daughter. Makkar's Jennifer is Naomi's adoptive mother, who dotes on her bright and gifted daughter. She is happily married to Greg and teaches linguistics at the town military base. Jones's Annabelle is Naomi's fiercely loyal classmate and best friend who is unafraid of telling Naomi hard truths. Though she thinks Naomi is overly obsessive about a recent mysterious event, she supports her in her quest for answers. Sweet, shy, and a bit nerdy, Gemme's Jacob has been dating Annabelle since the fifth grade, and he treats her like a queen. Puig's Nathan is a high school jock who briefly dated Naomi before she ended the relationship. Though the two remain friends, they still share undeniable chemistry- with Naomi's interest in another teen sparking Nathan's jealousy.

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