The DC Multiverse As Seen By Maxwell Lord Darkseid and The Trinity

The DC Multiverse As Seen By Maxwell Lord, Darkseid and The Trinity

DC Comics seems to be going through a bit of a Multiverse-obsession right now When did it not? It today's comics, however, everyone seems to want to have a go In today's Dark Nights: Death Metal: Trinity Crisis, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman take a peek across the realities to the Crisis Worlds, each a[...]

Crisis Management: CW Releases Arrow Preview Images Chapter Overview

"Crisis" Management: CW Releases "Arrow" Preview Images, Chapter Overview

All Rights Reserved.[/caption]Before a new "Arrowverse" can be born, we need to finish making a few "changes" to the multiverse we kinda-sorta still have - which is exactly what will happen when our heroes look to "Take Back the Worlds" as the mega crossover concludes with a double-header of Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow[...]

Arrow Season 8 &#8211 Dear CW: Now THIS Is Crisis Done Right. Youre Welcome. [OPINION]

'Arrow' Season 8 – Dear CW: Now THIS Is "Crisis" Done Right. You're Welcome. [OPINION]

Sometimes things get lost in the mail... Episode 8.01 -- Earth-90 [caption id="attachment_1039084" align="aligncenter" width="656"] CW[/caption]According to The Monitor, Oliver is needed to prepare the multiverse for the coming Crisis Where better to start than with on Earth-90, where this whole Crisis began? You might remember that we were first introduced to The Monitor on Earth-90, where[...]

Marvel Studios Phase 4 Kicks off The Multiverse

Marvel Studios Phase 4 Kicks off The Multiverse?!

3, Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2, and the Black Widow solo film.But with this trailer, we TOTALLY know, at least in part, some of that direction.When Nick Fury introduces Jake Gyllenhaal's character Quentin Beck aka Mysterio, he drops a dimensional bombshell regarding the Multiverse.Apparently, Thanos's Infinity War snap managed to tear a hole into other[...]

The State of CWs DCU [Part 3]: The Flash Arrow Supergirl and More Post-Crisis [PREVIEW]

The State of CW's DCU [Part 3]: The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and More Post-"Crisis" [PREVIEW]

With CW‘s “Arrowverse” and “Arrowverse”-friendly shows (The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) either on hiatus for one more week or still on their seasonal break, your designated DC gatekeepers at Bleeding Cool – Andy Wilson and Joey Mills – felt now was as good a time as any to share their three-part conversation on “The State of CW’s[...]

Hal Jordan And The GL Corps #26 Review: Here Comes Dark Knight Metal

Hal Jordan And The GL Corps #26 Review: Here Comes Dark Knight Metal

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] With massive celestial creatures awakened, Green Lantern Graf realizes something bad is on the horizon for the universe. The GL Corps as a whole is attempting to stabilize in the aftermath of the defection of the Sinestro Corps. Order is returning to the universe. However, Salaak detects a gravity distortion in a populated […]

Avengers Academy Sidesteps Into The Multiverse

Avengers Academy Sidesteps Into The Multiverse

In a weird sidestep from where it seemed the game would be going, Avengers Academy's next event (because as if they would take a break) will involve the Multiverse.The villainous alternate-future Hulk that is the Maestro takes his desire for conquest to the Avengers Academy, looking to beat the heroes gathered there and look into[...]

A Brief Glimpse Into Multiverse Mode From Injustice 2

A Brief Glimpse Into Multiverse Mode From 'Injustice 2'

Usually, when you talk about a multiverse, comic book fans assume you're talking about Marvel The reason for this is because most fans (including a lot of the DC Fanboy nation) accept that DC helped put a pin in their multiverse problem years ago with Crisis On Infinite Earths Sure, they've broken their own rules[...]

He-Man Has A Multiverse Too

He-Man Has A Multiverse Too

DC Comics has one. Marvel had one. And now  He-Man wants in. From the most recent He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe comic book from DC Comics. Skeletor coming to terms wit a variety of versions of himself. The Marvel comic, the cartoons, the toys and more… It's a Crisis On Infinite Skeletors!