Nikki Bella Having a Boy, Brie and Daniel Bryan Want Gender Surprise

Last night, E! Network aired the season finale of Total Bellas, which has already been renewed for a sixth season. There were a few storylines running throughout the season, including the Bellas' reconciliation with their father, marital troubles between Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, Nikki Bella's relationship with Artem Chigvintsev, and of course the pregnancy of both Bella twins. All of those storylines were wrapped up on last night's season finale.

Both of the Bellas had dinner with their father and were finally able to tell him that they wrote about his drug addiction and abuse in their recently-released book, which he accepted. Nikki Bella accepted a marriage proposal from Chigvintsev on the season's penultimate episode, so in order to drag the storyline out, Bella struggled with her fear of commitment, refusing to wear the engagement ring all episode until the end. Ultimately, Bella's mother convinced Nikki to put aside her fears based on her upbringing and accept that she's making her own future.

Though the storyline about Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's marriage was wrapped, Brie hammered home in this episode that it was letting go of their issues that allowed Brie to finally get pregnant with her second child. However, in typical Bellas fashion, Brie initially reacted angrily to Nikki becoming pregnant and tried to sow doubt about her relationship with Artem before apologizing later in the episode.

The central conflict in the episode involved plans for a gender reveal party. Nikki Bella wanted to do a double-gender reveal party with Brie, but Brie and Bryan agreed they wanted to keep the gender a surprise. Except, whenever Brie and Nikki were together, Brie was tempted to peek at the gender of the baby and considered doing the gender reveal, upsetting Bryan. Ultimately, Brie decided not to do the gender reveal, so Nikki and Artem held the party for their own child, which was revealed to be a boy.

Overall, Total Bellas continues to be one of WWE's most consistently-booked shows, with storylines playing out over the course of multiple episodes logically and feuds ending with proper payoffs. I'm looking forward to its return with season 6. That season could probably focus on the storyline of the Bellas trying to get their mother and brother to accept their father, which was a source of conflict throughout this season. Additionally, the show will certainly focus on both Bellas' pregnancy and presumably build toward the birth of their children, with both Bellas having due dates close enough together that the kids could conceivably be born on the same day. Another big money storyline will be Bella and Chigvintsev's eventual marriage, though WWE could probably hold off on that until a seventh season if they want to.

The official logo for Total Bellas. Image Credit: The Official Total Bellas Facebook Page.
The official logo for Total Bellas. Image Credit: The Official Total Bellas Facebook Page.

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