Only Murders In The Building: A Season's Worth of Favorite Moments

Only Murders In The Building, a fantastic original series from Hulu, featuring the acting and general talents of Steve Martin, Martin Short, & Selena Gomez, had a fantastic first season. While each episode had many laughs, shocking moments, twists, turns, and depth within them, there is some that stick with me more than others. Come along, let's relive some fantastic moments from Only Murders In The Building season one as we patiently await what happens next. Remember this, it's not a ranked list because I can't pick ultimate favorites like that…it feels like a betrayal to be honest. Oh! And be aware spoilers are ahead, so check out the series before you check out the rest of this article.

Only Murders In The Building: Favorite Moments From Season One
Source: Hulu

The Very First Scene: I'm not typically engrossed by a series from the very beginning, but I've got to love a moment like this one. Mabel next to a bloody body pleading with Charles and Oliver as they rush in to grab her from the building was both unexpected and like an adrenaline rush perfect for Only Murders In The Building to start out from.

Oliver Going Through Suspects in His Own Way: Theatrical? Yes. Unorthodox? You could say that. But whatever you call it, seeing the residents of the Arconia be questioned by Oliver on a stage in his own mind was not only hilarious but gave me so much love for his character's unique (and sometimes concerning) approaches to investigating Tim Kono's death.

Oliver's Obsession with Eating Dip for Meals: As someone who goes through specific foods I love and loathe, seeing this particular navigation of meals from Oliver's character not only made for a great running joke but also had me connecting to the story in a unique way.

Only Murders In The Building: Favorite Moments From Season One
Source: Hulu

Every Outfit Worn by Mabel: The costume work on this series is fantastic and I continue to be in awe of the variety of outfits worn by characters but mainly the ones on Mabel stand out. From that coat in the elevator in the first episode to the patterned skirts & solid color sweaters, it adds so much to the energy of the series and setting.

Gut Milk: There's nothing like a multi-level marketing scheme to bring aspects of weird real-life to the screen like this continued gag and random prop included in scenes.

Charles Found a Cat in Howard's Freezer: The way that leg snapped off like a fragile branch had me spit out my iced coffee and almost choke from laughing so hard.

Sting Existing in "Only Murders In The Building": The musical legend goes from a suspect who didn't like Charles' dog to a concerned building resident whose appearance added so much to the show even with limited time on screen in the first season.

The Podcasting Duo with a Show about Plants: I loved that the two involved in the "Yarddogs: The Horticulture Homies" podcast had a bigger fan base and reach initially compared to Mabel, Charles, and Oliver's investigation. It was great to see the other side of podcasting, one not involved in true crime, share a light with the other in the fifth episode.

The Trio's Podcast Fan Club Helping with the Case: The meta nature of this hit close to home in the funniest ways, but it also made me fall more in love with the story and mystery in the series as they helped out with big questions that still loomed over the Arconia.

Only Murders In The Building: Favorite Moments From Season One
Source: Hulu

Looney Tunes Characters Haunting Charles: Both emotionally poignant and odd, seeing the characters of Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig randomly stand behind Charles when confronted with big moments or doubt was necessary in my opinion. Listen, it was crazy but it worked on a multitude of levels.

The Brilliance of Episode 7: Mainly from the perspective of Theo, who is deaf on the show and in real life, it includes a fantastic view not only for the story but for the character's background and experiences. This episode proved that there are no excuses to be made for bad television when attempting inclusion, with research and actually paying attention to the lives of those you show on the screen can add so much to the overall story.

Charles' Body double: Sazz Pataki, played by Jane Lynch, stole some hearts and some scenes when playing alongside Steve Martin's character Charles. I don't think I'd want anyone else to have played this character outside of Lynch.

Detective Williams & Her Personal Life: Including a same-sex couple, who are expecting a child, without it being the typical big arrows pointing out the queer representation purely for attention, this character was incredible to watch and see grow in such a short amount of time.

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