Opinion: Does Gina Carano Realize That Not All Nazis Wore Uniforms?

If it's a day ending in "Y" then that means it's time for The Mandalorian star Gina Carano aka Cara Dune to post or say something mind-numbingly insulting and inane that it might just end up getting herself a Disney+ "Star Wars" spinoff series. Of course, we kid "The Mouse,' Jon Favreau, and Dave Filoni– we know it's tough finding just the right time to get rid of someone who uses the medical expertise afforded ex-MMA fighters turned streaming service supporting cast members to debunk scientific facts about COVID-19 and the importance of wearing masks. Add to that Carano's fine selection of tinfoil hats, each attuned to a different and increasingly more mind-blowing conspiracy theory about the 2020 election. Then there's that matter of the "vagueness" surrounding how she feels about trans people, and you can see why it would be so difficult for the "Star Wars" universe to say goodbye to someone who represents the opposite of what the "Star Wars" universe is supposedly about- playing a background character who could easily be recast. Okay, we're done with the ten tons of sarcasm to we're just going to ask:

Where exactly is Disney's line when it comes to what can be crossed before someone's booted from a series?

Opinion: Does Gina Carano Realize That Not All Nazis Wore Uniforms?
I mean, The Mouse is being nicer to Carano than they were to Hilary Duff– and all she wanted was for Lizzie McGuire to have sex and move to Hulu. Telling people not to wear masks and boosting whackjob conspiracy theories about COVID and the election? Nope. Shady attitudes towards trans people? Still nope. We know! How about an Instagram post where Carano shares a post that seems to compare what Jewish people went through in Nazi Germany to… we're not sure and here's why. Her entire premise falls apart because the Jewish people she's describing here were being beaten by neighbors who were also Nazis. Carano thinks that the only Germans who hated Jewish people at the time were the ones who wore Nazi uniforms- as if everyone else was just all open-minded, warm, and embracing of everyone around them. "Poor, innocent victims" who got duped by the government. Historical newsflash to Carano: "nazism" is a hate-filled state of mind in which those who share it don't have to take responsibility for their own failings because they can just go and blame it on anyone who doesn't look or act like them.

UPDATE: So it appears the image below was taken down:

Opinion: Does Gina Carano Realize That Not All Nazis Wore Uniforms?

In a previous interview with The Daily Mail, Carano had this to say about her posts: "People need to be OK with having conversations. With having difficult conversations, with having different opinions. What's wrong with having a different opinion? Why does everybody have to straight go to demoralizing because maybe they just didn't think the way you did?" Well, it's simple, Carano. You seem to think that anything your brain can't process or won't accept is an "opinion" that you feel you're suited to challenge. You're not. Neither am I. Except I know my limitations and don't have to worry about my ego thinking it knows more than the experts do. You think you're entitled to your own set of facts- and if you lived on an island by yourself, that would be great. But there are a ton of folks who have been fooled into thinking you know what you're talking about when it comes to a raging pandemic or a free, fair election- and that's where we have a problem. And that's where "The House of Mouse' should've had a problem a long time ago.

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