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Dolores wants some answers on Westworld, courtesy of HBO.
While we thought we had left behind having to write articles about shows shuttering productions over positive COVID-19 tests back in 2020, that hasn't been the case over the past week or so HBO's Westworld can now be added to a list that includes FX's American Horror Story and Netflix's Bridgerton, with Deadline Hollywood reporting[...]
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious Immersive Tie-In Scheduled February
Now, attendees checking out performances beginning July 28 are being made aware of changes in show policy in accordance with the UK's current COVID-19 guidelines Surprisingly happening at a time when COVID cases are spiking all over the map in large part due to the Delta variant, the show will be increasing its attendance capacity[...]
american horror
Production on "Part 2" of FX's American Horror Story Season 10 "Double Feature" has been temporarily shut down due to a positive COVID-19 case as well as potential exposure to the virus, with the positive test (an actor on the horror anthology series) occurring in "Zone A" of the COVID production protocol that was in[...]
Game of Thrones spinoff series, House of the Dragon (Image: HBO)
Martin's "Game of Thrones" universe ran into the one thing even dragons can't defeat: the growing number of COVID cases in the UK, where Miguel Sapochnik and Ryan Condal's House of the Dragon is being filmed Deadline Hollywood is reporting exclusively that production on the prequel series has been shut down for two days following[...]
Bridgerton Season 2 Prod Shut Down After Second COVID Case This Week
Deadline Hollywood first reported that the popular streaming series has halted production for a second time after another positive COVID test Reports are that the shutdown will be for an "indefinite period" while the streaming service and Shondaland producers set up a timetable and new protocols in light of the Delta variant causing coronavirus cases[...]
Big Brother Season 23: House Photos Are In & One Guest Is Already Out
A video message to the public had her announcing a recent positive COVID test ahead of the premiere, leading to her dismissal from the new season According to Valdiserri, she is unsure of how she got it after having gotten her vaccination and continued guidelines she's attested to have followed The announcement came with a[...]
Auto Draft
Jason chats with Halloween Man comic creator Drew Edwards on his IndieGogo to raise money to alleviate the amassed Covid-related medical expenses of Terry Parr, creator of the comic Aerobicide The Indiegogo project: the Aerobicide/ Lucy Chaplin Science Starlet Crossover. For those unfamiliar, Lucy Chaplin is an adventurer in her own titles and in the ongoing[...]
Viewers of HBO's late-night show Real Time With Bill Maher will have a repeat waiting for them this Friday night, with Deadline Hollywood reporting exclusively that host and comedian Bill Maher has tested positive for COVID-19 In a released statement to DH, an HBO spokesperson stated, "The Friday, May 14th taping of 'Real Time with[...]
star trek
Unfortunately, the production is facing another obstacle on its way back to now-Paramount+ screens, with Variety reporting that the Sonequa Martin-Green-starring series has paused production at Toronto's Pinewood studios over a possible COVID-19 exposure According to reports, a Zone A individual (key cast member or production crew member in close contact with cast) was in contact[...]
The official logo for WWE NXT.
WWE (and NXT with it) has had an interesting and at times, infuriating run throughout the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis  While every sports league and every form of entertainment has been forced to amend their schedules or even shut down for a prolonged period, WWE has chugged along  Everyone who knows about Vince[...]
Opinion: Getting Back Into Wargaming Post-COVID Is A Tough Task
This past year's global COVID-19 pandemic was undoubtedly a tough challenge for everyone, but it was quite tough for gamers, especially of the tabletop persuasion Thankfully, it looks as though the tunnel might be coming to an end and the light ahead is shining bright However, due to just how long the pandemic has lasted[...]
The Mandalorian (Image: Disney+)
Of course, we kid "The Mouse,' Jon Favreau, and Dave Filoni– we know it's tough finding just the right time to get rid of someone who uses the medical expertise afforded ex-MMA fighters turned streaming service supporting cast members to debunk scientific facts about COVID-19 and the importance of wearing masks Add to that Carano's[...]
American football arena. Mixed media (Signed property release on file with Shutterstock, Inc.)
The NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL all had to deal with their bouts with the COVID pandemic exacerbating the zaniness considering you had groups of position players, coaches, and staff becoming infected at different times Those who are found to be around those who later discovered infected are quarantined as per contact tracing protocol The[...]