Priscilla Kelly Explains How COVID-19 Affected Indie Wrestling

On the latest episode of Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast, Priscilla Kelly joins Cabana for the third of ten episodes in The Quarantine Series. We've heard a lot in the news about how the pro wrestling business has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of big companies like WWE and AEW. It forced them to run shows without audiences, tape shows instead of going live, and even try to find a venue in which they are allowed to do the filming. We've also heard about the experiences of the wrestlers working for these companies, particularly when it comes to the large number of folks necessarily laid off by WWE to cut costs.

But in this episode of The Quarantine Series, Priscilla Kelly provides insight on how the indie wrestling scene has suffered, mainly because the quarantine occurred during WrestleMania time, which is the biggest week of the year for wrestling, not just for WWE, but for all the smaller promotions that put on shows in whatever city WrestleMania is taking place in. Kelly discusses learning about the cancellations in a clip from the podcast Cabana posted on Twitter.

It's always insane during April onward. Me along with everybody else, I'm sure everyone was imagining to make a lot of money just between merch, shows, appearances, signings, just in the month of April alone. And when you find out, ok, your March shows are getting canceled. Ok. That's fine, because I've still got all these shows in April. And then all of a sudden, you just start getting emails, one by one This shows canceled. That show's canceled. I kinda just say there and I go, I really did all the math in my head, and I'm like, I'm literally losing out on potentially hundreds of thousands here. Nobody thought it was gonna be this big of a deal. Even these little tiny shows.

It's definitely going to be tough for the wrestling business, especially smaller promotions, to get started again whenever audiences are allowed to return to pro wrestling shows. Hopefully, everyone makes it through as safely as possible. To subscribe, visit Cabana's website or Patreon page.


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