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And with those layoffs, Disney CFO Christine McCarthy confirmed that the company was looking for $5.5B in cost savings ($3B in future content savings – non-sports related – and another $2.5B from costs such as marketing, staffing, technology, and other areas (with $1 billion reportedly already underway) Since that time, waves of layoffs were announced[...]
the sterling affairs
TL;DR? The off-court scandals were a huge mess, generating enough drama to warrant a fictional adaptation for television! We assume the sports fans found this absolutely riveting, especially if they supported the Clippers. Lawrence Fishburn and Jacki Weaver, "The Sterling Affair" Image: FX Networks The Sterling Affairs will be executive produced by Welch (Under the Banner of Heaven, Castle[...]
2004 Boston Red Sox: TV, Baseball & Moments Bonding with My Dad
Second, I will be mentioning someone very close to me, Declan, my trans dad or "VagDad" as he would say, who introduced me to the team and how there can be a deep love for connecting to your family through sports Watching them late at night on TV, through the 2004 American League Championship Series[...]
I Stopped Watching ESPN & MSNBC When I Stopped Hating Myself So Much
So ESPN became "Excusing Sports Personalities Non-stop" and a puppy sticker for them if it's working But worse than the constant fawning is this move of always trying to get fans to root for the athletes and curse the owners, and then beating up on them when they feel like fans "don't appreciate what athletes[...]
First Take, Stephen A. Smith & Max Kellerman Part of ESPN Problem
So ESPN became "Excusing Sports Personalities Non-stop" and hey, good for them if it's working My biggest issue besides the constant fawning is also this practice of always trying to get fans to root for the athletes and curse the owners, berating them when they feel like fans "don't appreciate what athletes go through." My[...]
Disney+ Holds On To Classic Sitcoms Instead Of Live Sports For 2021
Your favorite ladies are heading to Disney+ this year after the platform switched from possibly live streaming sports to obtaining classic sitcom rights instead The Golden Girls will be a different direction than some had thought Disney might have gone in when word spread about possible involvement in streaming European sporting events such as Premier League[...]
It is the most athletic, sports-oriented pro-wrestling on the planet, and we are excited to bring our athletes and matches to these markets in such a major way Thank you to The Roku Channel, and we look forward to a successful partnership that brings NJPW to millions of new fans around the world." can't be[...]
UFC Fight Island 7 Historically Airs On ABC This Afternoon
This is the first combat sports card to air on the broadcast network since 2000 and looks to continue the rich history of combat sports on the network that dates back to 1949 ABC obviously wants to counter-program the NFL playoffs that continue today as well, and they are getting a great UFC card to[...]