Reno 911! vs. Ghostface? Now That Would Be A "Scream" (You're Welcome)

Are Reno 911!'s Lt. Jim Dangle, Depuy Trudy Wiegel, and Deputy James Garcia ready to take down Ghostface from Scream VI? Probably not...

As far as law enforcement goes, horror franchises aren't exactly too kind – especially when it comes to local law enforcement. So, with the Jenna Ortega-starring Scream VI hitting screens on March 10th, we couldn't help but wonder how Thomas Lennon's Lt. Jim Dangle, Kerri Kenney-Silver's Depuy Trudy Wiegel, Carlos Alazraqui's Deputy James Garcia, and the rest of Comedy Central's Reno 911! would hold up while trying to take down Ghostface. Of course, having a teaser promo that was released earlier today promoting both the horror film & the basic cable comedy series was a bit of an "inspiration." Unfortunately, "Spring Break" has left the team with only those three as they discuss the killer who keeps coming back in some form again and again. And let's just say that might have an impact on their enthusiasm to crack the case…

reno 911
RENO 911! (Image: Comedy Central Screencap)

So to see how Reno 911!'s "finest" plan to put a stop to Ghostface's reign of terror once and for all (or maybe not?), check out the following promo below. Following that, we look back at the NYC perspective we gave to the first teaser trailer for the latest chapter in the horror franchise (with Scream VI hitting theaters on March 10th):

Scream VI: Ghostface Takes Manhattan? Mr. NYC Has Some Teaser Issues

A masked killer stalks the streets of New York City, carrying out his bloody mission against a number of young innocents trying to survive. That's pretty much the plotline for 1989's Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. And it could also be used to summarize the plot for Paramount's Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, Jenna Ortega, Hayden Panettiere & Courteney Cox-starring Scream VI. Here's hoping the similarities end there because the way that Jason "took" Manhattan back in the late 80's? Well, let's just say that it was about as NYC-realistic as the subway scenes in 2005's film version of Rent. Yeah, that's not good. As someone with the duly-assigned title of "Mr. NYC" (because nicknames you give yourself count, right?), I felt it was incumbent upon me to dissect the recent teaser for Scream VI from the perspective of offering an NYC that feels like an NYC. And while it's still a little early to have concerns? I have concerns…

Scream VI: Ghostface Takes Manhattan? Mr. NYC Has Some Teaser Issues
Image: Paramount Screencap (Scream VI), Trailer Screencap

Okay, right from the start? The opening reminds me of a cross between the video for Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire" and the opening to every stand-up comedian's special when they're playing Madison Square Garden.

From there, we cut to some NYC montage scenes showing a bunch of people in costumes as we make our way underground to the subway trains. I'm assuming it's either taking place around Halloween or New York Comic Con time. Another big problem here because, as anyone in NYC knows, whether it's Halloween or SantaCon? At least half the folks in the subway system at any point look & smell like they've been drinking for 12 hours. Could be 2 pm… could be 2 am. What I'm seeing here are way too many "clean" people. Where are the groups of "baby deer" women trying to keep each other up against the challenges presented by high heels mixed with tequila shots? Or the dude-bros cheering on one of their own as they throw up their soul into a platform trashcan (if it's a good day, that is).

Okay, I give them props for having an excuse for more than one Ghostface and for representing a subway that looks a little more like real-life. But there's still way too much space between people for me to buy into it. If it's Halloween or NYCC, it should be so packed in there that folks would be afraid of getting accidentally pregnant. And it's clear that Ghostface isn't from NYC because anyone from NYC knows you never give up your set, no matter what. More realistic? Ghostface finds a way to lure them over to them…

Okay, now this happens. Since I'm not buying into the subway car being that empty or that Ghostface would give up their seat, I'm definitely not buying into how easily they're moving through the train car. They would have to push through folks that might just push back. And piss off enough folks on the train as Ghostface would, and they would be in more danger of the lights going out than anyone else would. Show him on the ground with all of his s**t gone and a stab wound in his side? I'm good.

Sadly, as shocking and terrifying as that end scene may be, the idea of some freak getting too close and invading your personal space is a horrifying reality that women in NYC face every day. No joke there… just a sad reality.

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