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Scream 5 Now Titled "Scream", Filming Has Wrapped Up Already
There's no denying that the upcoming Scream film is one of the most anticipated horror movies in recent years, with a chance to reintroduce the franchise to modern moviegoers. Scream 2022 Logo The franchise has been a part of the horror genre conversation for decades, spanning from '96 to '11 and embracing some of the most meta-takes[...]
Why Scream 4 Deserves its Newfound Appreciation
New Rules." That's what we were promised by the influential horror franchise Scream when the fourth chapter (Scream 4) debuted exactly a decade ago. The fourth chapter brought back the franchise-trio of Sidney, Dewey, and Gale for yet another battle with the killer we know as Ghostface, amongst a cat of fresh blood to merge two[...]
Initiation Writer, Star Lindsay LaVanchy Talks Horror Film Influences
Inspired in part by Wes Craven's 1996 slasher classic Scream, the actress co-wrote the film with director John Berardo and Brian Frager for Saban Films I spoke to the star, who plays Ellery Scott, about how the project came together, how social media's influence on the film, and her horror fandom The story follows a[...]
Scream 5 Now Titled "Scream", Filming Has Wrapped Up Already
It's been pretty common knowledge amongst Scream fans that there's typically various versions of scripts floating around after leaks had impacted the release of Scream 2 and Scream 4 — so it isn't exactly a shock to hear that there are multiple versions of the upcoming Scream film out in the ether. When Scream (2022) went into[...]
Clay McLeod Chapman & Chris Mooneyham On Extreme Carnage: Scream
Marvel Comics just announced Extreme Carnage Alpha, kicking off a mini-Carnage event for July, with the new Flash Thompson Anti-Venom joining the cast of symbiotes on the out. With writer Clay McLeod Chapman and artist Chris Mooneyham reuniting to return to Carnage symbiote spinoff, Scream Her previous title was cancelled as part of the pandemic, with[...]
Krakoan X-Men - Cable #9, Excalibur #19
But in books like Savage Avengers and King In Black: Scream out today, it is still all to play for So in Savage Avengers #19, we get Cyclops and Storm, still Knullified. Savage Avengers #19 With the King In Black, Knull, taking special interest in possessing Storm and declaring her the most powerful of all his possessed[...]
Scream 5 Now Titled "Scream", Filming Has Wrapped Up Already
Scream is returning to theaters, as we all know, and not soon enough Delayed to 2022 because of pandemic reasons, the entire film was made last year during the pandemic, and that for sure presented its own challenges for this exciting project Ghost Face will face off against some familiar foes, including David Arquette as[...]
NECA's New Ghost Face Ultimate Figure Is A Scream Fans Dream
When they announced that a Ghost Face from Scream was coming to their Ultimate horror line, just a placard was enough to send collectors into a frenzy After a long wait, the figure is now hitting stores NECA was kind enough to send us over one of them to show you, so let's take a[...]
Ghost Face Is Ready for a Bloody Good Time With Mezco Toyz
Standing roughly 18" tall, the Scream killer is back and ready to kick it with you at home with his newest doll The doll captures that eerie look of the killer from his iconic mask to the long black robe He will not come empty-handed either, as he will be able to equip a deadly[...]
Scream 5 Now Titled "Scream", Filming Has Wrapped Up Already
Scream is returning to the big screen exactly one year from today, on January 14th, 2022 So far, we have absolutely no idea what this fifth film in the series will be about We know some old favorites are returning, so theoretically, it will pick up where Scream 4 left off Other than that, the[...]
Jenny Ortega Talks Scream 5 and the Secrecy Surround Filming
Scream is miles away, but the film's social media team hasn't had any problem sharing teasers that continue to get dissected by the fandom. The love for Scream is one of the longest-running and most dedicated of the horror genre, which has sparked some very detailed theories that would be extremely shocking and or exciting[...]
Scream 5 Now Titled "Scream", Filming Has Wrapped Up Already
Now that the highly anticipated film Scream has officially wrapped filming (originally referred to by fans as Scream 5), the suspense has only intensified! We know that this is a sequel, not a reboot, that the film has a lot of heavy throwbacks to embrace the nostalgia of the almost 25-year-old slasher franchise One of the[...]
4 Characters That Deserve to Be Mentioned in Scream 5
Scream 5 is a little over a year away (ok, like a year and three months), but that hasn't slowed down our excitement whatsoever Because of the fact that we have a returning cast, including the core three and a returning player from Scream 4, we know that this continues to follow the events for[...]
Scream 5 Now Titled "Scream", Filming Has Wrapped Up Already
Scream 5 has finished filming already, blazing through production in what feels like only a week Executive producer Kevin Williamson shared the joyous news on his Twitter this morning while also revealing a new logo/title treatment for the film, which they have decided to name Scream Kinda like Halloween in 2018 The production is being[...]
Why Scream 4 Deserves its Newfound Appreciation
The cast and writer of the '90s slasher film Scream recently reunited for the National Breast Cancer Coalition, the Los Angeles "I Have A Dream Foundation," and the East Los Angeles Women's Center to discuss their experiences and more for fans — but of course that doesn't mean the topic of Scream 5 (Scream) wouldn't[...]