Report: TNT Champion Cody Rhodes Working Without AEW Contract

Cody Rhodes may be the TNT Champion, an AEW executive, and a top star for the company, but if a report from Fightul's Sean Ross Sapp is to believed, he's also a free agent working for AEW without a contract. Sapp reported the news on the subscriber-only Patreon service Fightful Select.

According to the report, Rhodes contract expired at the end of 2021 and hasn't yet been renewed, which means that, technically, Rhodes could appear at the Royal Rumble later this month or even sign a deal with another company, though that doesn't seem likely. Not only is Rhodes the TNT Champion and Executive Vice President at AEW, but his wife, Brandi Rhodes, is also an AEW executive and on-air talent, and his brother Dustin Rhodes works for the company as well. In addition, Rhodes co-hosts the Go Big Show on TBS, where Dynamite and Rampage air, a gig that happened due to his association with the company, and he co-owns the Nightmare Factory wrestling training school with partner QT Marshall that serves as the defacto training facility for AEW. In other words, Rhodes is so entangled in AEW that it would be very difficult to imagine a situation where he suddenly leaves, even if it would be theoretically possible. Then again, maybe Vince McMahon can finally get his revenge on AEW for daring to exist by extending to Cody an offer he can't refuse (and then he could release him six months later after putting him back in the Stardust costume and having him chase the 24/7 Championship).

Whatever happens, Rhodes is scheduled to be at Dynamite on Wednesday after being absent for several weeks due to COVID and will probably sign a new deal with the company in the near future.

Cody Rhodes Wins TNT Championship at AEW Rampage Holiday Bash
Cody Rhodes wins the TNT Championship at AEW Rampage Holiday Bash (Photo Credit All Elite Wrestling)

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