"Rick and Morty" Confidential: Evidence of Past Cromulon Visit Found?

Did Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's Rick and Morty reveal a hidden truth about our civilization's past? Thanks to an archeological find from earlier this year, that might just be the case. And no, you're still reading an article about the Adult Swim series – your brain didn't suddenly jump to some other dimension. Let me explain…

CNN reported earlier this year that archeologists uncovered at a dig site in central Mexico the first known temple to a pre-Hispanic deity named the Flayed Lord – or Xipe Tótec, who is associated with fertility, agricultural cycles, and war.

Now take a look at the image below, and see if you know what we're getting at:

rick and morty

How about now?

rick and morty
Adult Swim/AP

If you're like us, you're probably going to need a minute…


Written by Tom Kauffman and directed by Wes Archer – and under the guiding hand of Harmon and Roiland, animation's "Robert Langdons" – second season episode "Get Schwifty" introduced us to the Cromulons and their intergalactic singing competition where "getting voted off" means planetary destruction.

After a series of incidents that involved Ice-T finding his true self before saving Earth and returning to his home planet as well as an alien head cult and a Grammy massacre taking out Pharrell, Billy Corgan, and a ton of other musical artists, it came down to Rick, Morty, and The President to get the band back together and save our homebase.

But what if what the Rick and Morty team really wanted was to enlighten us on a part of our planetary history that was erased from our record books? What if what was uncovered was the remains of a Cromulon? The questions it raises – hell, the literal universal implications are almost too much to fathom.

Did an ancient civilization find a way to take down a Cromulon in a way that a nuclear weapon couldn't? Could this be what casused the big heads to enforce a strict, lose-and-be-destroyed policy?

The people have a right to know, Harmon and Roiland! 

Thankfully, Trump's getting us that Space Force…

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