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Scott D'Amore Ousted in TNA Coup, Anthony Cicione New President

In a shocking TNA power play, Anthony Cicione takes over from Scott D'Amore! Will this coup spell triumph or turmoil? Read on, comrades!

Article Summary

  • Scott D'Amore replaced by Anthony Cicione as TNA President.
  • D'Amore's departure likened to a coup, leaving behind a strong legacy.
  • Cicione brings decades of experience to elevate TNA's market presence.
  • The wrestling community anticipates the impact of this leadership change.

¡Saludos, mis queridos camaradas! It is your beloved and most fervent purveyor of the squared circle sagas, El Presidente, bringing you the hot-off-the-presses wrestling news from a gold-plated yacht sailing through the treacherous yet beautiful waters of the Caribbean, evading those pesky American CIA drones. Today, we talk about a shocking coup that has unfolded within the ranks of TNA Wrestling. Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the broadcasting titan behind TNA, has announced the appointment of Anthony Cicione as the new President of our beloved lucha libre haven. But first, let us pour one out for the compañero who held the fort against all odds, the true luchador behind the scenes, Scott D'Amore.

The official logo for Total Nonstop Action - TNA Wrestling
The official logo for Total Nonstop Action – TNA Wrestling

Comrades, under the leadership of Scott D'Amore, TNA Wrestling has seen a resurrection akin to the mighty phoenix rising from the ashes of despair. Lest we forget, this is the man who navigated TNA Wrestling through the tempest of the dark days following the attempted Billy Corgan takeover, preserving the integrity and passion of the brand. The business acumen and heart of D'Amore restored TNA to its rightful place in the wrestling pantheon, culminating in the return to the TNA name after years of going by Impact Wrestling.

D'Amore's departure feels like a coup de grâce from the powers that be, much like the American CIA's endless attempts to disrupt the order within my own tropical paradise. I, for one, will not stand idly by without acknowledging the revolutionary work he has done. It is a time to celebrate his commitment that spanned decades, a commitment that touched every corner of the ring – from the thunderous roar of the crowds to the quiet dedication of the talent backstage.

According to comrade Mike Johnson at PWInsider, tensions were running high on a conference call with talent, where it was reportedly falsely claimed D'Amore stepped down willingly. Anthem clearly lack a serviceable Minister of Propaganda. You never think you need one until you do, and then it's too late.

Now, to the man of the hour, Anthony Cicione. With over three decades of experience in the entertainment coliseum, Cicione marches into the ring, not as an outsider, but as a veteran gladiator. Having engineered The Score's rise to prominence with the electrifying energies of WWE, he has been a shadowy figure, pulling strings in Anthem's puppet show for a whole sixteen years.

As El Presidente, I understand the delicate art of extending one's influence, and it appears Cicione is tasked to wield the full arsenal of Anthem's Entertainment Group to bolster TNA's market presence. From fortifying production to conquering digital revenues, the company seeks to unleash a marauding campaign of growth and dominance in the wrestling domain.

Comrades, the drama unfolding in TNA Wrestling is one for the annals of history. While we wish Anthony Cicione success as he ascends the throne, let us mark this day as a testament to the resilience and power of wrestling's most stalwart defenders, symbolized by the undying spirit of Scott D'Amore. His dedication to the craft and the business will forever echo in the halls of the Impact Zone.

And so, as I recline in my slightly-unneeded but oh-so-accommodating ivory desk chair, and while my personal barista serves the finest Fair Trade coffee known to man, I cannot help but ponder – what grand battles await us in the arena under this new regime? Will TNA Wrestling soar even higher, or will this be a revolution that comes full circle?

Stay vigilant, comrades. Remain steadfast in your dedication to the art of wrestling, just as I persist in my struggles against capitalist drones, both metaphorical and literal. ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Until we meet again, keep your friends close, but your machetes closer. El Presidente has spoken.


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