Stranger Things: Bower on How Vecna Pees (Or How One Went Number One)

Stranger Things Season 4 is all out and streaming on Netflix now, and like all actors who have crazy prosthetics on, Vecna actor Jamie Campbell Bower has been asked the ultimate question. How exactly did you pee in that stuff? A time-honored tradition that has been asked to the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Doug Jones, and most famously, and the example that has led to all of these questions, Kiefer Sutherland. When he starred as Jack Bauer in 24, the main question coming out of Season One was "When did he pee?", so much so that they included a scene of him using the bathroom as a wink to fans. Find out how Stranger Things big baddie Vecna peed on set below.

Stranger Things
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Stranger Things Giving Us The Tough Answers

"The bottom half of the suit, sort of waist down, they're like a pair of trousers that I have to slip on. Everything else is glued, but the bottom half are trousers, and I have like a flap that like, this f-cking flap that goes from the chest, like, underneath my buttcrack," Bower revealed to SiriusXM's Caity Babs. "And it's like, poor Duncan Jarman, who also fitted the suit on me every day. He'd have to be down there. And if I needed to pee and I have to wear these … I've got this big hand. as well, like these huge fingers. Then on the other side, I've got nails that are glued on. So I can't touch anything without everything f-cking falling apart. So if I need to use the loo, I'm like, 'Duncan, can you just like unplop me?' And then there's like this tiny zip, it's like crotchless pants. It's like the whole thing."

Oh, but that is not all. The Stranger Things baddie keeps going. There is a lot of information to give us.

"The worst part is like … There's not a lot of room down there. It's not very easy," Bower explained. "And like, I'd have to get Tyler and, shout out to Tyler, if you're listening, because Tyler would have to stand outside the bathroom door because no one else could come in because I'm like hovering over the urinal. It's like a whole thing. Oh, my God. The shame is so real right now. There was only one day where like, you know when you're a kid and you are waiting for something and you need to pee, and you're like — maybe this is just me, maybe I'm projecting here. If there's anyone else out there who's experienced this, please just let me know because it'll be nice not to feel so alone," the actor joked. "When you're a kid and you're waiting, but you need to pee and you're like, 'I should just wait, I'll just wait. I'll just wait.' And it just gets worse and worse and worse to the point where you're like, 'I just gotta f-cking pee now. Like, I gotta run away.' That only happened one time on set. I can't remember who I was working with, I think it was with Sadie Sink, who plays Max, and we'd done so much great work and the camera was on me and [directors] Matt and Ross [Duffer] were like, 'Are you okay?' And I was like, 'No, I gotta pee so bad.' But it takes like 15 minutes for the whole thing to happen. So I felt … I didn't wanna break anyone. I felt really bad."

And with that… Stranger Things 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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