Superman & Lois Season 3: Chad L. Coleman Offers Caffeinated Greetings

So the last time we checked in on how things were going with filming on the third season of The CW's Tyler Hoechlin & Elizabeth Tulloch-starring Superman & Lois, The Flash star & Arrowverse director Tom Cavanagh (The Flash, 3 episodes; Superman & Lois, 1 episode) was sharing updates on how directing the season opener was going. This time around, we're getting some well-wishes from none other than recent cast addition Chad L. Coleman (The Orville). As we learned last month, Coleman has been tapped for the role of Bruno Mannheim, the leader of Intergang and definitely a "big bad." Now, he's just enjoying a fine cup of coffee and offering everyone some fine greetings… while dropping a ten-ton hint about what he's up to along the way.

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Now here's a look back at Coleman's Instagram post sharing hearty greetings while enjoying a "super" cup of coffee (I really need that mug in my life… like, a huge one):

Superman & Lois Star Elizabeth Tulloch Talks Season 3

"I read Season 3 Episode 1 [of Superman & Lois] on the plane last night. It's great," Tulloch shared with the crowd (and those watching at home, thanks to those kind enough to post their videos) at Fan Expo Canada 2022 during a Q&A panel. And while it's still too early to know where exactly things are headed, Tulloch and Hoechlin like what they're seeing. "Tyler and I were saying this season might be the most exciting from our point of view because we've been given the general arc of this season, and Lois' particular storyline is like, 'whoa!' I did not have any idea they were going in that direction," Tulloch added.

Superman & Lois Season 3: Chad L. Coleman Offers Caffeinated Greetings
Supergirl — "The Gauntlet" — Image Number: SPG613fg_0047r — Pictured (L-R): Melissa Benoist as Supergirl — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Also, during that Fan Expo Canada 2022 Q&A panel, Hoechlin & Tulloch were asked about the rumors that Melissa Benoist may be returning to the role of Supergirl during the upcoming season. "We have not heard that rumor about her coming on the show. She has expressed interest to me in doing it, and I know that we would love to work with her again and Grant [Gustin] and everyone else," Tulloch replied. "I just don't know…ever since we started the show, COVID has been a reality which is why we haven't done any of the crossovers or anything like that, so we just can't speak to whether or not that's feasible." Except, there's a problem…

Showrunner Todd Helbing has already revealed a major complication to that happening. During the second season finale, it was confirmed that Superman & Lois didn't have any Arrowverse crossovers because it was never set in the Arrowverse in the first place. Yup, still a bitter pill to swallow. So, for example, as we mentioned before about Ramsey's John Diggle? Yeah, that's the show's version and now the Arrowverse version. So if Benoist's Supergirl was to appear during the third or a future season, it would have to involve writing her a new backstory that works for the show (Helbing said as much during an episode of The Flash Podcast: "Yeah, it would not be the Supergirl from the Arrowverse, it would be our version so we would invent a new backstory for her"). Here's a look at Tulloch's response during the recent Fan Expo Canada 2022, where the question of Benoist's return was asked and addressed (so let the speculation begin now)- with big thanks to Brief Take for posting the video:

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