The Rookie: Feds Preview Finds Simone Clark Ready for a Second Act

With still more than a month to go until ABC's Niecy Nash-Betts (Simone Clark)-starring spinoff series premieres, viewers are getting a fresh look at what they can expect from The Rookie: Feds. Joining Nash-Betts on the series are Frankie Faison as Christopher "Cutty" Clark, Felix Solis as Special Agent Matthew Garza, and Britt Robertson (Big Sky) as FBI profiler Laura Stensen. But for the official key art that you're about to see, it's Clark earning the well-deserved spotlight.

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And here's a look at a teaser that finds' Nash-Betts' Clark walking viewers through her backstory and she gets ready for her second act in a very big way:

During ABC's The Rookie Season 5 & spinoff series The Rookie: Feds panel at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) last month, Nash-Bets, Nathan Fillion, franchise creator Noah Hawley, and executive producer Terence Paul Winter shared some new intel on what viewers can expect. For example, Tru Valentino's Officer Aaron Thorsen has been promoted to series regular for the upcoming fifth season (set to premiere on September 25, with "Feds" premiering on September 27). Okay, congrats to Valentino, and now here's a look at some highlights.

Fillion's John Nolan Is Become a "Rookie" Again:

"Early in season 5, John Nolan's going to become a training officer. He'll be the oldest rookie training officer." – Hawley.

"We started off with this guy is the rookie. Now he's elevated to another level of his job, and he's starting at rock bottom. I get a brand new rookie who's making all the same mistakes I was making as a rookie." – Fillion

So What's the Deal with "Chenford" aka Lucy (Melissa O'Neill) & Tim (Eric Winter)?

"Obviously, we left quite the cliffhanger at the end of last season with the kiss, which we've been building up to for four seasons. There will definitely be repercussions and some fallout from that, but I do think it's fair to make you wait to see exactly where that goes. There's definitely going to be some carryover from the end of last season that's going to be very dynamic." – Hawley.

"You have one character who is so very tuned in in Lucy. And then in Tim, you have this guy who's so very walled off and closed off and so tuned out. I tease Eric about this all the time. All he has to do is a little tiny smile, and everybody goes, 'Oh my god, swoooooon.'" – Fillion

Hawley's Had "Feds" in Mind for Some Time: "It's always been in the back of my head. It's a universal experience, the restarting your life, the second chapter. So it always felt like there was room for that to grow. Once we got a couple of seasons under our belt, we started hatching our evil plan to expand the universe. There's a lot of different ways we could've gone, staying in law enforcement, branching out to a law show, a medical show, but it felt like our first step should stay in that universe. I selfishly wanted to keep us in Los Angeles, so it became about a federal agency that's in Los Angeles that could be in tandem with the LAPD."

Nash on Her "Feds" Character Simone Clark: "We all know someone like Simone. I grabbed a little bit from different women in my life. She is that friend in your head or your favorite auntie. I was like, I know this woman; she is a culmination of so many women, so let me just bake a little bit in from the women I love and like to be around."

"Feds" Will Expand "The Rookie" Universe's Sandbox: "Because we're a federal organization, Los Angeles is not the only place where we do her work. We have a jet plane, and we often fly. We go to Texas, Mississippi, Florida. It opens up the show in an exciting way. We're going to be all over Los Angeles, all over the nation, and we might even go overseas."

And Much Like "Law & Order," Viewers Can Expect Crossovers: "We're going to try to be lousy with crossover events," Winter revealed. Hawley added, "We pick up pretty much right where we left off because we had some pressing matters that were going on. We were designing the show with crossovers between the new show and 'The Rookie' proper. They do live in the same universe, and so, we really want you to feel like you can balance between the shows, but at the same time not feel like, 'Oh, I missed this one, so I can't watch that one.' They all stand on their own, but they're also super fun to watch together."

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