The Weeknd Reveals His Deepest Secret to Hayley on American Dad

We told you it was going to happen, and it did Monday night: The Weeknd transcended our flesh-n-blood world and joined Stan, Francine, Steve, Hayley, Roger, Klaus, and Steve on TBS' American Dad. Such a special occasion deserves more than a "guest appearance", with The Weeknd also co-writing the episode "A Starboy Is Born" with Joel Hurwitz and contributing an original song. The premise makes as much sense as you'd expect: Stan wants to teach Roger a lesson, so he kidnaps The Weeknd to force Roger to swap places and insanity ensues. The Weeknd has his own drama to deal with: Jeff wants Hayley to have sex with the singer since he's at the top of her "freebie" list, except there's a small problem with the plan. Turns out The Weeknd's a virgin and that his continued abstinence is the source of his powers, as he explains in the following song:

The Weeknd's secret revealed on American Dad, courtesy of TBS.
The Weeknd's secret revealed on American Dad, courtesy of TBS.

Speaking with Variety before the episode's debut, The Weeknd expressed interest in doing more voice work in the future as well as how his American Dad effort paved the way to Robot Chicken: "I want to continue to create different Weeknds in alternate universes. There weren't many challenges, as the acting was pretty straightforward. I told Joel [Hurwitz] I loved doing voices and wished I could have challenged myself more in that department, so he took me to the "Robot Chicken" studio, where [executive producer-writer] Seth Green was waiting for me. I totally geeked out and he actually let me do multiple voices on an episode coming out soon. The cartoon nerd in me jumped out that day."

While the American Dad experience was a fulfilling one, the singer does have another show (and concept) in mind: "'American Dad' was everything I wanted. It's going to be hard to beat this in the TV cartoon world, but an obvious bucket list would be to work on 'The Simpsons.' That would be a dream — and if they're reading this, I actually have a pretty cool idea if they're down."

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TBS's American Dad! stars MacFarlane (Stan Smith, Roger), Wendy Schaal (Francine Smith), Scott Grimes (Steve Smith), Rachael MacFarlane (Hayley Smith), Dee Bradley Baker (Klaus Heissler), Jeff Fischer (Jeff Fischer), and Patrick Stewart (Deputy Director Avery Bullock). The animated comedy from 20th Century Fox Television is created by MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman, and executive-produced by co-showrunner Brian Boyle along with MacFarlane and Weitzman.

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