TJ Perkins Calls out Daniel Bryan for Being a Music Poseur

WWE star Daniel Bryan is known for his steadfast hippie views and convictions, but has the former WWE Champion been running a con all along? Bryan took to Twitter on Friday to talk about Taylor Swift's new album. According to Bryan, he usually rejects mainstream music, but he loves T-Swift's new jams. The incongruity is causing him to question himself.

Daniel Bryan dumps WWE Championship for eco-friendly title: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 29, 2018
WWE star and Taylor Swift fan Daniel Bryan once claimed to be the planet's champion… but was that all a lie?!

"I've always rejected mainstream music, so the fact that I LOVE Taylor Swift's new album makes me existentially question who I am," Bryan tweeted, garnering thousands of likes and retweets. However, Impact Wrestling star TJ Perkins, who wrestled with Bryan early in his career, called out his old friend for living a lie. According to Perkins, Bryan has not, in fact, always rejecting mainstream music. According to Perkins, Bryan was a big fan of Green Day and Kanye West back in the day.

"Stop it, you listened to Green Day and Kanye West when we were starting out in Japan," Perkins tweeted. "I was shocked that you listened to Kanye!" Perkins did clarify when asked if Bryan still listens to Kanye West, that he doesn't know what Bryan listens to nowadays. "At the time, yeah, but I have no idea now. This was pre-Graduation era Kanye," he tweeted.

With this shocking revelation, what are to understand about Daniel Bryan's other professed beliefs? Does he really care about the environment? Was that compost gimmick thing on Total Bellas all a lie? What about veganism? Does Daniel Bryan secretly scarf down Big Macs on the regular? Now that TJP has exposed Daniel Bryan's lies about music, frankly, we don't know what to believe. As of press time, Bryan had not yet responded to Perkins's serious accusations. We'll be closely monitoring this situation and let you know about any changes.

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