Train Like a Supergirl: DC FanDome Offers Fitness Tips from Stunt Team

Want to get ready to punch and kick bad guys? Work your core muscles to get ready to fly? Then the Supergirl stunt team has you covered. From their home base in Vancouver, stunt coordinator Simon Burnett and his crew — fight choreographer James Michalopoulos, Jesse Rath (Brainy/Querl Dox) stunt double Adrian Persad, and Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) stunt double Jennifer Clarke take you through some basics of how to get ready to perform on a physically demanding show like Supergirl in a video released at DC FanDome.

Train Like a Supergirl: DC Fandome Offers Fitness Tips from Stunt Team
Melissa Benoist/Supergirl stunt double Jennifer Clarke takes you through workout tips to strengthen your core to be ready for the flying rig.

First, James Michalopoulos takes us through some basic fight moves: parry, punch, kick, dodge, and how to turn them into a routine that you can do on your own or with a partner. Hey, look– stage combat! It also looks like a great workout to build that muscle memory to be ready to punch the bad guys on the set of Supergirl. His other advice? Make sure you add your own sound effects. (Though you may not want to do that while shooting an actual scene.)

Next, Jennifer Clarke takes us through several exercises to strengthen your core, since being in the flying rig is so tiring on those muscles. She demonstrates a move she calls "Supergirls" and also puts them together into a nice routine you can add to any workout.

And finally, Adrian Persad reminds us never to skip leg day since running and jumping are so key to a lot of what they do on the show. After all of his leg exercises and jumps, he also demonstrates a perfect backflip and landing in that iconic superhero pose.

You can watch the entire thing here, and it's definitely worth four minutes of your time.

Watch more behind the scenes at DC Fandome's main page and we'll keep you up to date with all news about Supergirl Season 6 right here.

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