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Try Guys: Without A Recipe LIVE! Baking Fun Churro Chaos: Review

Many interesting forms of churros were made during the Try Guys: Without A Recipe LIVE!  livestream event on December 17th, featuring competitors Zach Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Lang, and Kwesi James. The judges for this virtual event included Rosanna Pansino and Jonny Cakes. The three Try Guys made pop tarts, hamburgers, tacos, boba, and illusion cakes in past episodes of this season, all leading up to the virtual live season finale: churros. This event combined some great aspects of each of the four guys while also giving a unique look with a camera focusing on all that happened behind the scenes. While a majority of the live cooking event felt very well calculated and put together, some moments had the expected silence as they cooked the churros in real-time. It wasn't a perfect virtual event, but it came quite close to it.

Try Guys: Without A Recipe LIVE! Baking Fun Churro Chaos: Review
Credit: Try Guys

Try Guys: Without A Recipe LIVE! had a fantastic incorporation of polls for fans to take part in. Fans could voice whether ingredients were needed and who would truly be "Daddy's Favorite"; you'll understand that label from past videos on their YouTube channel. The polls would show up randomly at certain points during the cooking portion, so you'd have to pay closer attention to the chat in order to not miss it. A reminder on the main screen, or a general alert ahead of time, would have made sense in the long run and is something that should be implemented next time if they're to do this again with Kiswe. The available stickers and reactions were a great addition and were a great reflection of the Try Guys and their brand. 

While it was meant to be just a behind-the-scenes camera, it would have been nice to see it reflected in the main camera as that went back and forth between kitchens. The personalities of the four guys mesh so well together, and Kwesi is such a beam of light in the kitchen with his joyous and flowy attitude. Eugene and Keith were together in Kitchen 2, while Zach and Kwesi were in Kitchen 1. Each Kitchen had its own vibe going on and developed some memorable and often chaotic moments that a fan would hope to expect from Try Guys: Without A Recipe LIVE! What was fantastic about having a VIP ticket for the virtual event was the ability to watch a Q&A afterward that went on for an extended period of time and brought in different people like Rachel Ann Cole, who directed things behind the scenes. 

At times it may have been obvious that the virtual event of this kind was a first for them, but Try Guys: Without A Recipe LIVE! was overall a great experience. The team behind it all obviously took a lot of care with editing the pre-recorded bits sprinkled throughout the event. The professional speaking about the process of making churros was both fun and educational. It would be hard, no matter what, for the Try Guys and their team to make this feel close to a video you'd watch on their channel. One factor that did detract from a better rating was the cost of the event versus what fans received from it all. The prices could have been better for a time that includes the holiday season and a difficult time for many financially compared to previous times. They succeeded in many ways and managed to develop a decent interactive portion that only needs slight tweaks for alert fans in the future. Overall it was a fun and hilarious journey in cooking churros with the Try Guys, and it'll be fun to see what project they take on next.

Try Guys: Without A Recipe LIVE!

Try Guys: Without A Recipe LIVE! Baking Fun Churro Chaos: Review
Review by Brittney Bender

Try Guys: Without A Recipe LIVE! was a brave journey into a virtual live cooking competition for the team, and it paid off. With some minor flaws and a possible need to rethink price points for tickets, not much detracted from the hilarious and unique experience of this live fan-interactive experience.

The Try Guys

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