Watchmen, Alan Moore Help James Gunn Through Creative Rough Spots

Yesterday, we had a chance to check in with Peacemaker series creator James Gunn for an interview he did where he discussed what is (and isn't) going on with his immediate future when it comes to WarnerMedia Discovery, HBO Max, and the DCU. But this time around, we get to take a break from the reporting & the speculating to cover a very cool personal insight that Gunn shared regarding the example he uses to get a better sense of perspective when something goes wrong for him from a creative standpoint. And for Gunn, it's all about Watchmen co-creator Alan Moore and how he must've felt when his original pitch to use the Charlton line of heroes that DC Comics acquired (like Peacemaker) for "Who Killed the Peacemaker?" was turned down because DC didn't want the characters to be left "either dead or dysfunctional." But instead of moving on to something else, Moore would retool the concept with original-ish characters; and then along with artist Dave Gibbons, colorist John Higgins, and editors Len Wein & Barbara Kesel, Watchmen was born. Considered by many the quintessential comic book story, the graphic novel series would serve as the starting point for HBO & Damon Lindelof's Emmy Award-winning pseudo-sequel limited series Watchmen, starring Regina King.

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"When I get upset about something going wrong for me creatively, I often think of how bummed Alan Moore probably was being told he couldn't use the Charlton characters, who he planned to use for Watchmen, and then went on to create the greatest superhero comic series ever," Gunn wrote in a tweet earlier today- check it out below:

And here's a look back at Gunn's comments during his interview with The Playlist clarifying some of the rumors and assumptions that have been circulating out there about his DCU streaming future:

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Jennifer Holland, Chukwudi Iwuji, Steve Agee, John Cena, and Danielle Brooks in Peacemaker. Image courtesy of Katie Yu / HBO Max

Things May Have Moved Too Fast on That Amanda Waller Spinoff News: "We haven't even announced any TV series yet," adding that "there's a lot of stories out there about what's happening, and some of them are accurate, some of them are not." And for those thinking that the reported spinoff that would see Viola Davis returning to her The Suicide Squad role was the second DC project that Gunn's been briefly mentioning? It's not…

Gunn's Deeply Involved in Another DC Project… Though That Might Soon Turn Into "Projects": "I am working very seriously on another DC project, where I'm very involved in the writing and the direction of it. There will be some blending of the characters from 'Peacemaker' in the other shows I'm working on. And I'm involved with a couple of other [DC] things too."

Gunn's "Talked" about "The Suicide Squad 2" But for Now, He's All About Television: "Yeah, we've talked about it ['The Suicide Squad']. But the honest truth is, I just have so many hours in a day to work on stuff. And I had such a fun time working in television that I really think that's what I'm going to spend the next year of my life doing."

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