WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Women's Ladder Match Highlights, Results

Meeting in the main lobby of WWE Headquarters, Lacey Evans, Nia Jax, Carmella, Shayna Baszler, and Dana Brooke all looked ready to go. But where was Asuka? Well, Asuka was waiting for the rest of them from above the elevators, diving onto the group from the second floor. After knocking the group out, she jumped into an elevator to take her to an unnamed floor. The remaining women ran after her via the staircase, creating possibly the most cartoonish opening to a high stakes match in current WWE history.

Welcome to the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match, courtesy of WWE.
Welcome to the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match, courtesy of WWE.

Evans, Carmella, and Baszler tried to corner Asuka on whatever floor she got off at, only to be ambushed by the men's Money in the Bank match. Asuka, hiding behind an elevator door, ran away unnoticed. Eventually, the rest of the women's MITB caught up with each other, with Jax and Baszler throwing Carmella and Dana around a meeting room. Soon Baszler set her sights on Jax, which didn't work out for her.

In a surprising turn, Dana took Jax out with a chair shot, only to be taken out by Carmella via a poster frame shot, who was then taken out by Evans with her signature Women's Right. The men and women's side met up again, this time in front of Paul Heyman who was enjoying a full spread of food. This resulted in both sides getting into a mixed food fight, while Baszler put Rey Mysterio in a chokehold. The fight ended with Jax putting Carmella through a table, only to stare down Otis. Seriously, put Jax into some mixed-gender matches.

Asuka meanwhile was running for her life, constantly being a few steps ahead of everyone else.

Asuka and Jax were the first to enter the ring on the roof. Evans joined shortly after — and Jax appeared to have difficulty lifting Evans above her head. However, Evans sold whatever was happening to her, allowing Jax to get a ladder into the middle of the ring. Asuka made a passionate attempt at taking Jax down, only to be thrown headfirst into the ladder.

Evans, Jax, and Asuka played off each other well here. All three used the ladder as a weapon, trying to take each other out once and for all. As Asuka was climbing the ladder to victory, King Corbin started to climb as well. Not interested in sharing the spotlight, Asuka smacked him off the ladder. With the briefcase in her grasps, Asuka unhooked it, winning the women's Money in the Bank match.

The downfall of having both Money in the Bank matches at the same time meant one had to have lower production value. While the men had some great guest stars and some genuinely funny moments in their match, the women were treated with one poorly executed and a pre-recorded appearance by Stephanie McMahon. This felt like a last-minute match, instead of one that was carefully crafted. WWE really dropped the ball here, and chances are they won't be making up for it anytime soon.

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