WWE's Retribution Sells out as T-Bar Puts Over Undertaker

Does anyone else feel like the members of non-political Antifa-inspired anarchist wrestling stable Retribution aren't as cool and non-political Antifa-inspired anarchist as they used to be? Once upon a time, the members of Retributions would have stopped at nothing to bring down the WWE from the inside, even if it meant setting fire to a generator in a parking lot, breaking a window, or pushing over a pile of boxes backstage at the WWE Performance Center. But nowadays, Retribution has their own entrance theme, and Titantron follows WWE's rules on intergender wrestling and respects the brand split by appearing only on Raw. And now, the group's second-in-command member, T-Bar, has put over The Undertaker in a tweet. Disgusting!

Mustafa Ali revealed himself to be the leader of Antifa-inspired anarchist group Retribution on WWE Monday Night Raw
Mustafa Ali revealed himself to be the leader of Antifa-inspired anarchist group Retribution on WWE Monday Night Raw.

"#RETRIBUTION will destroy every @WWE Superstar in history in order to achieve our goal and Shut It Down," T-Bar tweeted. "EVERY Superstar. Except for The @Undertaker. #FarewellTaker"

The old Retribution — the cool Retribution — would have used Sunday's Final Farewell to the Undertaker segment at Survivor Series to launch an attack on the WWE legend. After all, who better represents the WWE establishment than the man who has been the company's bedrock and locker room leader for three decades?

The fact is that Retribution has lost that fire, that hunger that made them WWE's premier pseudo-anarchist stable from August 2020 to September 2020. Instead of destroying legends by chasing them out of the ring and then jumping around and yelling things like "yeaaahh!" and "woohoo!" like real anarchists would, Retribution has taken to praising legends on social media? What happened to you, Retribution? You used to be cool!

Pretty much the only member of Retribution who has stayed true to their roots is Slapjack. Maybe it's time for Slapjack to break off from the group and start a solo run if they aren't going to stand for anything anymore.


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