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Pinnacle Entertainment Shoots The Sixth Gun Through Kickstarter

By Christopher Helton

unnamed23-229x350As we've reported already, The Sixth Gun comic from creators Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, and published by Oni Press is going to be made into a tabletop roleplaying game. Coming from Pinnacle Entertainment, the Sixth Gun Role-Playing Game will use the popular and award winning Savage Worlds game. Last year at Gen Con Pinnacle Entertainment announced that they had acquired the license for the Sixth Gun comic.


Pinnacle Entertainment will use Kickstarter to fund the production of this game. There shouldn't be any worries about this game turning into vaporware because the work on the game's development is done.


Bunn himself is a longtime gamer, and one of the perks of the Kickstarter campaign is being able to play in a special Sixth Gun game run by him at Gen Con 2015.

In addition to being a role-playing game, The Sixth Gun Role-Playing Game is also a resource guide to the world of the comics. The information in the game will be up to date with the end of the Valley of Death spin off mini-series (at the time of press of this article, the entire mini-series will not have yet gone to press). In depth information on the characters of the game, a discussion of the world of The Sixth Gun and a bestiary of creatures within the world are all included in the game.

What if you are a gamer who isn't a fan of Savage Worlds? Converting this material to the game system of your choice shouldn't be a problem for those gamers who like the world of The Sixth Gun, but may not play the Savage Worlds game. However, for Savage Worlds players there is going to be a whole lot of interesting material for your games, including new edges, hindrances and a system of magic that is tailored to The Sixth Gun. There are new powers and a catalog of magical relics and items. The effects and powers of the Six Guns are outlined as well.


With this book, and the core Savage Worlds rules, you can recreate your favorite stories from the comics, or take the comics and their characters into new directions. You can even have your own characters encounter the Six Guns, and create your own What If? styled adventures in the world of The Sixth Gun. I foresee a lot of crossovers between the world of The Sixth Gun and Pinnacle's long-running Deadlands game as well. Both settings cover similar time periods, so it shouldn't take much more than a little squinting on the part of gamers to get them to work together.

The Kickstarter will also have miniatures of characters and creatures from the world of The Sixth Gun. For fans of the comic there are also a couple of new limited edition hardcover collections that cover the first 24 issues of The Sixth Gun comic, with new bonus material.

The Sixth Gun Role-Playing Game Kickstarter is packed with things for fans of the Sixth Gun comic and the Savage Worlds roleplaying game. Be sure to check it out.

While I'm at Gen Con in July, I'll be sure to get some pictures of Bunn's Sixth Gun game for backers of the Kickstarter.

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