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Judd once put a light bulb in a microwave to see if it would glow, and it was really cool. No. that's a lie. He read about someone else doing it, and he's always wished he'd come up with the idea.


The Time Jim Zub Broke Miles Morales So Badly, He Had to Call His Creator

Picture it. You're Jim Zub, writer of The Champions (and a dozen other things). You had a great idea for a storyline that gets really, really dark with one of the main characters (Miles Morales). After a hard-fought series of pitches where one editor actually says 'I don't see how we'll come back from that,' […]

Becky Cloonan Reflects on Breaking Glass Bat-Ceilings at ECCC

Artist and writer Becky Cloonan had no idea when she took the job drawing an issue of Batman that she would be the first woman to pencil the iconic book, she told moderator Mike Avila at the ECCC's DC Celebrates Batman 80th panel on Saturday. Although a busy schedule almost led Cloonan to pass on […]

Finding Hope in Wednesday's Uncanny X-Men – the Make Mine Marvel! ECCC Panel

Some interesting tidbits from Saturday's Make Mine Marvel panel at the ECCC: Writer Matthew Rosenberg's upcoming continuation of the original Marvel comics run of Star Wars, dubbed Star Wars #108 (due out in May), will feature among other things the return of Jaxxon the green rabbit. We'll find out where Hope and Banshee have been […]

Donny Cates, Giving Venom His Uncle Ben Moment at ECCC

During Friday's Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends panel at Emerald City Comic con, Venom writer Donny Cates told the crowd that there's plenty more undiscovered territory to explore with both the symbiote and its host Eddie Brock. Cates described himself as a lifelong fan of the character, and said that one of his primary goals […]

Convention Horror Stories at ECCC with Jim Zub and Katie Cook

Convention Horror Stories, an ECCC Tradition, came back once more for its ninth annual edition. Hosted by writer/artists Jim Zub and Katie Cook, the panel consisted of the two swapping war stories about their years spent as pros working comic book conventions. This was the first Convention Horror Stories I'd been able to catch, so […]