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Mark Waid Sells His Print Comics To Fund His Digital Comics

Peter S Svensson is reporting from WonderCon for Bleeding Cool. He tells us that at the Mark Waid panel, Waid announced that he is starting a Digital First comics publishing operation with John Rogers. That the first title with Peter Krause. And that is now live with a test PDF of Luthor . He's […]

The Look Of Superman: Earth One Volume Two

Joseph Salas is reporting for Bleeding Cool from the DC All Access Panel at WonderCon. As well as a shot of the art from Superman Earth One in full costumed glory, he  hands down some handy bullet points… Superman Earth One Vol 2 by Joe Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis in November. Arcane is coming […]

IDW Panel – Cape Sequel, Dave Stevens, Crow Series And Groo (UPDATE x2)

Peter S Svensson, reporting from WonderCon for Bleeding Cool, emails to let us know that IDW will be publishing a four issue sequel to Joe Hill and Ciarmella's The Cape series, entitled The Cape: 1969. Is a trip to the moon in order? He also lets us know that John Shirley, who wrote the first […]

Those Image Solicitations For June 2012 In Full

Is it me or are Image really stepping up? Can you think of a comic book publisher that has quite so many critically acclaimed books than Image Comics right now? They're basically what Vertigo used to be… but their subject matters are far more varied. I'll be interviewing Eric Stephenson again soon… I'll try to […]

Zenescope Turn To Kickstarter To Fund Grimm Fairly Tales Animation

Bleeding Cool has reported on how a number of name comic creators, from Michael Zulli, to Jimmy Palmiotti, to Alex De Campi, have turned to Kickstarter to fund their comic book projects, avoiding the need for a publisher to advance the costs on what may well be a financial risk to publish. In France, the […]

Will The Husbands Web Show Become A Dark Horse Comic? (UPDATE – No…)

Writer/producer Jane Espenson has just tweeted; Less than an hour to the announcement. What could it be that would appeal to fans of #HusbandsTheSeries as well as Buffy comic fans? What with Dr Horrible and The Guild, will Husbands be the next web TV series with certain Joss Whedon connections to be picked by Dark […]

Swipe File: The Omega Effect And South Park

Steve Wacker recently tweetd a number of covers for The Omega Effect crossover with Spider-Man, Punisher and Daredevil. Let's have a closer look at that logo. Isn't that Kenny?   Oh my god, they killed Frank Castle's family! You bastards! Hmm. Here's how that logo is meant to look. Yeah, still looks like Kenny. In […]

Todd McFarlane Officially Writing Spawn Again From #220

Recently, Todd McFarlane came clean – the man credited as writing Spawn for the last couple of years, one Will Carlton, was actually Todd himself. We're heading into the 20th anniversary of Spawn.  That'll be issue 220.  I'm going to jump on board and do the covers starting with that issue.  I'll start doing some […]

Tony Stark And Emma Frost, No Innuendo Required – Avengers Vs X-Men #2 Teaser

Of late, Bleeding Cool has playing silly games with Marvel's Avengers Vs X-Men teasers, as if they were portraying a romantic or sexual relationship between the central characters being portrayed. Marvel seemed to make it easier and easier but Marvel editor Steve Wacker got rather irked on Twitter. "I think the schtick of seeing homo-erotic […]

Scott Beatty Writes Ebook Based On His Sherlock Holmes Comic

After the success of their Seal Team Six ebooks by Chuck Dixon, Dynamite continue their digital prose publications by comic book writers with a new Sherlock Holmes Year One story written by Scott Beatty, based on his Sherlock comic book work for Dynamite, for the Kindle. Here's the first chapter… SHERLOCK HOLMES THE TWELVE CAESARS Scott […]

Those Marvel Solicitations For June 2012 In Full

Welcome one and all to all the comics that Marvel is selling in June. Including a batch of Avengers Vs X-Men tie-ins, a bunch of Amazing Spider-Man "Motion" variant covers and… the Zomnibus. AVX VS #3 (OF 6) $3.99 (W) Kieron Gillen, Steve McNiven (A) Salvador Larroca, Steve McNiven (CA) Salvador Larroca All fights, All […]

Marvel To Remaster Amazing Fantasy #15 For June

Amazing Fantasy #15 in June will reprint Amazing Fantasy #15 and Amazing Spider-Man #1 from 1962 and 1963, remastered and recoloured by Wizard Of Oz' Jean-Francois Beaulieu, in time for the new Amazing Spider-Man movie. Here's the new look cover that will be accompanying the new volume.

Grace Randolph's Between The Pages – The Truth About Gwen Stacy

[youtube][/youtube] Grace Randolph, from the shop floor of Midtown Comics in New York brings a new Between The Pages video for Think About The Ink, talking about Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters in 2012, and Emma Stone will be playing Gwen Stacy opposite Andrew Garfield. Host Grace Randolph […]

Jason Starr To Write Punisher MAX… And It Seems A Little Familiar

Jason Starr is a crime novelist with a small sideline in comics. He wrote the Justice Inc story in Doc Savage, as well as the First Wave Special for DC< as well as a short in the JSA 80 Page Giant. But now in his first work for Marvel, he will be writing Untold Tales […]

Trailer: Ultimate Spider-Man, As Will Be Seen At Wonder Con

Here is a new trailer for Ultimate Spider-Man, The Animated Series, showing at WonderCon this weekend. [youtube][/youtube] Marvel have asked us to say this; Can't wait until April 1st to catch your favorite Super Hero in action? Check out Marvel's new Ultimate Spider-Man trailer debuting on! Watch as Nick Fury offers Spider-Man the biggest […]

When Shops Got Crossed

Here are a few more comic shops that got all Crossed up for the release of Crossed Badlands on Wednesday. Bedrock City of Houston, Texas.      Black Cat Comics of Salt Lake City, Utah Beach Ball Comics of   Quest Comic Shop of Carrollton, Georgia Pittsburgh Comics Of Pittsburgh,   More shots of the […]

Alan Moore Reads A Chapter Of Jerusalem For Thirty-Five Minutes (VIDEO)

At Northampton Central Library, Alan Moore read to an audience one chapter of his upcoming novel Jerusalem. The twenty-fourth chapter, as told by the statue of the statue of the archangel Michael on the Northampton Guild Hall. It rather reminds me of the Voice Of The Fire episode, from the point of view of a […]

Jeff Parker And Declan Shalvey's Thunderbolts Becomes Dark Avengers In June

Marvel were set to announce this at Wondercon.  But it's just gone public on the Diamond site, so… In June, Thunderbolts will be renamed Dark Avengers, with issues #175 and #176. Smart viewers may have noted in this week's Avengers who might be making up the team… Jeff Parker and Declan Shalvey will still be […]

DC Puts Before Watchmen On Previews Cover With Just One Word

There are few examples of one single word suggesting one specific comic book character. Shazam. Kimota. Snikt. Thwip. And… This is the back cover to the June Diamond Comic Distributors Previews catalogue. Which will have all the Before Watchmen titles listed, including Rorschach by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. Should save on the art cost, […]