Digital Delights – Graphicly Potential, iBook Practice, Pearls Possibilities

BeDamnedDelight: Graphic.Ly introduces a Rosetta Stone for digital comics publishign.

Basically, if you are an author of visual stories, such as children's books, graphic novels, art books, picture books, shoot even cookbooks or yearbooks, you can now come to Graphicly, upload it, and then have it automagically converted to work on (almost) every single channel out there (including Facebook, Apple iPad, Newsstand, iBookstore, Google Android, Kindle FIRE, NOOK Tablet and Color, Kobo and so many others for one low cost.

Here is what is important. Its not IN a Graphicly app. Its your brand. Your content. Your revenue. You build a fan base around your content. Not Graphicly. Its all about you.

Thats why I am so excited. For the first time ever, our technology allows authors and publishers to manage their digital distribution and get REAL-TIME analytics about how people are engaging with your content. Want to know how many pages people read in a sitting. You got it. How long someone takes to read your story? That too. What platform people prefer to read on. Included.

Digital Delights – Graphicly Potential, iBook Practice, Pearls PossibilitiesDieselDelight: Richard Stevens gets 10,000 downloads of his Apple iBook Diesel Sweeties in a week. But the PDF version gets an iBook brand added.

It's been a few days since I put my iBooks comic experiment up and it's been a lot more popular than expected. I'm honestly not sure how many times it's been downloaded. My own server is reporting almost 8,000 downloads but that doesn't take into account the first burst which I had hosted on my Dropbox. (It was enough to get the public folder shut off… not sure I was supposed to use it that way. Sorry, Dropbox!)

I think it would be safe to say at least 10,000 people grabbed the file. Not bad for a file created by software which has only been out for a week on a single platform!

AwardDelight: The Wormworld Saga iPad app by Robot Media received the Publishing Innovation Award this week at Digital Book World New York.

The Wormworld Saga is an episodic graphic novel designed for tablet devices, from the mind of acclaimed illustrator Daniel Lieske. Unlike traditional graphic novels, each chapter is digitally painted on a seemingly infinite canvas, providing an immersive reading experience that draws the reader into a fully realized fantasy world

StripDelight: Michael Wolf talks to Stephen Patsis about Pearls Before Swine in the digital age.

 "I used the guide that I use when I do the comic strip, [which] is what would I like to see? What I would like to see is video, audio, animation… a few surprises. I want to be fully immersed in it, don't just want to turn pages or see just strips I've seen before."

 WebComicsDelight: Four for Fursday…

TJ and Amal, a 3500 road trip between relative strangers, whose lives are in turmoil.

Digital Delights – Graphicly Potential, iBook Practice, Pearls PossibilitiesSpy 6 Teen by Tim Simmons – teenage espionage.

Digital Delights – Graphicly Potential, iBook Practice, Pearls Possibilities

godsend by Jesse Bausch and Meg Gandy. What if a religious prophecy didn't come true… but that this needed to be hidden? Digital Delights – Graphicly Potential, iBook Practice, Pearls Possibilities

Moon Freight 3 by Luke Foster about a space station cargo inspectir. Mundane sci-fi.Digital Delights – Graphicly Potential, iBook Practice, Pearls Possibilities

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