Lying In The Gutters – 30th June 2014 – Universal Cosplay


Doing the rounds on Facebook and Tumblr without author notation… as last week's Cosplayer story still tops the charts, the first time this has happened in years.

So what else have you been reading this week?

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Humiliated At SE:NYC – A Cosplayer's Story
  2. Rumour Smackdown: Marvel Not To Cancel X-Men As Far As I Can Ascertain
  3. Report: Wonder Woman's Costume, Batman's New Pad And Lex Luthor's Beef 
  4. The Truth About Who Cable Is. Or What.
  5. The CW's The Flash TV Pilot Leaks On Torrent Sites
  6. Nine Thoughts About The Flash TV Pilot That I Shouldn't Have Seen
  7. So What Will Happen To Wolverine & The X-Men When Wolverine Dies
  8. The New Avengers Vs The Justice League
  9. So What Is Marvel's Axis Actually About? We Try And Find Out
  10. Geoff Johns Has All Star Batgirl #1 On His Desktop 
  11. The DC Comics Band-Aid Will Have No Characters From Prime Earth
  12. They Just Wouldn't Get Away With This Today
  13. The End Of The Ultimate Universe? Again, I Mean?
  14. Nope, Looks Like The New 52 Superman Never Wore The Red Trunks
  15. Doom Patrol – The New Look For The New 52
  16. This Is What John Constantine Has Come To
  17. Naming Spider-Man's Original Sin
  18. Power Girl In Real Time
  19. Thanos To Break Out Of The Amber This Friday? 
  20. Quicksilver Moving (At Speed) From X-Factor To Avengers

And Ten You May Prefer…

  1. Karen Berger To Partner With Judith Regan For An Original Graphic Novel Line
  2. How The Supreme Court And Jack Kirby Could Change Everything: Part II
  3. The Ballad Of Dick Grayson's Hair
  4. The New Terminator Is Just Terminator And Genesis Ain't No Part Of It
  5. Marvel Comics Ups The Warnings On Miracleman #9
  6. That DC Comics Payment Change…
  7. 38 Thoughts About 38 Comics
  8. Jerome Opeña Working On An Avengers Original Graphic Novel
  9. Outcast #1 Outsells The Walking Dead
  10. Today, J. Jonah Jameson Becomes The Bill O'Reilly Of The Marvel Universe

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