No DC Comics Booth At New York Comic Con… Or At Least, Not As We Know It


New York Comic Con is the closest comics convention to DC Comics publishing headquarters. And Marvel. And Archie. And Valiant, who are a couple of blocks away). If comics are New York, then the New York Comic Con is a place to show off, on their own terms. And in their own bars, afterwards.

But I understand, based on gossipy folk in the Manhattan sports bars last night, that DC Comics aren't going to have a traditional presence at this year's New York Comic Con.

I've no idea what that means. I understand, after getting partial confirmation from more traditional sources this morning that an announcement is forthcoming. DC Comics will be there, very visibly, just not with a traditional booth.

Something to show off the Superman costumes… but no space for signage? I understand we will hear more soon. There will still be the panels, the meet and greets, and the party. But the traditional booth, eighteen months after it was redesigned? Not at New York Comic Con.


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