93 Year-Old Pokemon Go Fanatic Stan Lee At San Diego Comic-Con

Hugh Sheridan writes for Bleeding Cool: 

IMG_2726[1]93- year old comics legend Stan Lee was a half hour late to his spotlight panel at SDCC tonight, but once he arrived he was in great form, playing to the crowd and yukking it up. He had forgotten that he was supposed to do the panel and when he sat down he said "I don't know what to do or say" he looked to his assistant who was sitting beside him, the only other person on stage  "and this guy is no help!".

"Well it was nice seeing you all" he said and made to go.

However, instead of leaving he let the audience ask some questions. One person asked if there are any Marvel movies or TV shows he is not proud of? "NO!" was the immediate response "how could you even ask me that?" "look in the dictionary under perfection  – it says Marvel – that is after my name as well" he joked.

Who would win in a fight between Stan and the Hulk?

"Not even a contest, I'd be a squish"

A fan thanked him for his work

"I did it all for you, because I'm unselfish"

What is his favorite character he has created?

"Spider-Man! I'm not so dumb – he's the most successful. Years ago you would see Mickey Mouse everywhere – now its Spider-Man"

"He's almost as popular as I am"

He was asked about his cameos and his assistant told the story of how he spoiled the plot of the Amazing Spider-Man movie by describing his appearance in the film (which occurs during a fight with the Lizard). The assistant got a lot of angry messages from the film's producers.

Stan's response? "Screw 'Em"

They hinted that Stan's cameo in Guardians of The Galaxy 2 is "amazing". He will also soon appear in Dr. Strange and in one other special project for Disney which they could not reveal.

Stan's favorite cameo is in Avengers – Age of Ultron:

"I drink a potent asgardian drink that I can't handle and in the next scene I'm being carted away and I say "Excelsior!""

"I loved it because I was in two scenes – maybe next time they'll let me star in the movie"

A fan asked him if he can describe how he comes up with his ideas?

"I just copy them from other people" he deadpanned.

"I like super-heroes and I like to write stories about the kinds of people who have not been written about before"

"I just write what I enjoy, I don't give a hoot about you"

"This is terrible I would never come to one of my panels" he said

A fan asked if she could get a picture with him after the panel.

Stan could not hear or see the girl but when his assistant gave him the question he said

"If that was a girl – sure; if it was a guy – forget about it!"

What inspired Stan to do comics?

"Greed" he said immediately.

"I was 17 it was the great depression my father had no job so I needed something"

"I saw an ad in the paper and answered it. I must have been the only applicant because they gave me the job"

(He did not mention that he was related by marriage to the publisher – Martin Goodman – which may have helped his chances)

"I went to work with Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the greats" he said encouraging the crowd to applaud " At some point they were fired – I don't know why – so he said to me  "could you run it until I find a grown-up?"- Well, he must have forgotten to look because I stayed in the job"

Stan was asked for advice for an aspiring writer

"JUST WRITE!" he said

"I assume you want to work for Marvel – if you've got any brains. Call an editor there and show them your work"

"It's easier for artists – you can tell in a couple of sample pages if they are good"

The panel finished up as Stan talked about his newest passion – he is a big Pokemon Go player apparently.

"It's easy" he said.

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